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Spring Into Spring With These 4 Perfumes

Spring Into Spring With These 4 Perfumes

Spring Into Spring With These 4 Perfumes


What’s better than picking up flowers in a green lush meadow under the spring sky? Picking up your new amazing spring scent, for sure!

And we have just the right ones for you:

Rain By Commodity

Rain by Commodity

With notes of lotus, freesia, bergamot, lemon verbena and musk, Rain evokes the feeling of a peaceful, comforting walk through the woods on a rainy day, holding the hand of your other half. The fragrance is fresh and clean like air on a chilly spring day but bursting with the beauty of crushed floral petals. Combined, the notes recreate a perfect Saturday morning concoction to start off a lazy, stay-in-bed weekend in spring.

Oxford Bleu Pour Femme By English Laundry 1

Oxford Bleu Pour Femme by English Laundry

Presented in a translucent blue hued bottle, everything about the Oxford Bleu feminine edition screams spring. The tartness of the scent intercepts the sweetness of the fruity accord, welcoming the arrival of a unique olfactive sensation, celebrated the most by those who do not have a nose for synthetic and run of the mill citrus meets fruits type of fragrances.

Additionally, this fragrance opens layer after layer, like a delicate flower, allowing for springtime memories to be saved in the files of your brain, with blackcurrant, vanilla and melon leading the way for the synapses.

Maiaday By Matts

Maiaday by Raymond Matts

Maiaday is a fragrant encapsulation of a sunny day in June where linden blossoms fill the air, inspiring a dreamy, hauntingly beautiful scent. Everything feels serene and hopeful. You’ll find yourself reveling in the hedonistic scent of linden blossom. The combination of the delicate secondary woodsy notes with a generous amounts of vanilla make Maiaday a no brainer for the spring, and it is also gender neutral, so in this case sharing truly is caring.

Flor Y Canto By Arquiste

Flor y Canto by Arquiste

Die hard romantics will fawn over the gorgeous floral scent of this fragrance. As the soft, fading scents of the woods fade in the distance, the scent carries over a familiar aroma of first kisses stolen on a park bench, right under the watchful eyes of spring breeze. I recommend this for everyone who thinks floral scents are the best way to welcome spring in their lives. 

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