Flower Spotlight: Violet

Flower Spotlight Violet
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Flower Spotlight: Violet


The scent of violet, scientifically known as “viola odorata” is famous for its generous, lingering presence when hitting the nostrils. Melodious and flirtatious, the violet flower alone is known for evoking a sense of fantasy, especially when combined with other natural fragrances and essential oils.

Why not have a go at these selected fragrances from Scentbird-and prepare your violet getaway!

Fragile Violet By Eb Florals By Eric Buterbaugh

Fragile Violet by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh

Who needs pixie dust for a one-way ticket to Neverland? Fragile Violet by EB Florals has all of the ingredients for a magical getaway. With musk, lotus, black tea, mulberry and of course, violet, Fragile Violet is a bottled wish come true.

It feels as if this perfume is perfect spring day perfume that you can wear to celebrate the end of nature’s slumber party. You can feel the smell of warmer air circling around you, like a hungry cat.

When you find yourself missing all those scents that dominate during springtime, this is the perfume that will make it up to you in a matter of second.

Fresh, floral scent that clings on your skin and clothes a long time after you have applied it.

Black Bold By Kenneth Cole

Black Bold by Kenneth Cole

Softening the strong masculine vibes, Black Bold by Kenneth Cole embodies a rich aftermath of a rainy afternoon. Violet leaves, basil, ginger, incense mix with suede to create and indoor sensation of luxury.

A unique and beautiful blend of violets and leather that simply have to get under your skin. Imagine an haute-couture high-end luxury leather jacket with a scent-laden lining of violets that screams perfection to me.

Kenneth Cole has pledged to bring luxury to perfection, and he never disappoints.
If anyone had any doubts about making a strong, masculine fragrance with a dominating violets-based accord, then please note that Kenneth Cole has cast these doubts away with the utterly manly fragrance called Black Bold. Sexy and Seductive: Black Bold!

Florence By Tocca

Florence by Tocca

Just like a cool treat on a hot, summer day, Florence by Tocca will melt away all of your troubles! Violet is combined with flowers like gardenia, tuberose, and pear, and mingles with green notes for a fresher perfume. Beautifully executed violet themed fragrance, the one that will have your nose glued to your wrists.


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