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9 Date Night Hall of Flame Perfumes

Perfumes For Date Night

9 Date Night Hall of Flame Perfumes

BlogSome women are born sexy and others need a few lessons in mastery, but at the end, all women are born to seduce. Unleash your inner seductress and never leash her again. With the help of 9 seductive perfumes.

Perfumes are the ultimate confidence boosters. But too much perfume can make you overwhelming and untouchable, so please spray sparingly. Perfumes truly come alive when our own chemistry gets mixed with the notes, which of course make people want to get closer, so they can enjoy that unique scent. Here is a list of 9 perfumes that are perfect seductress’ weapons:

Sexy Amber by Michael Kors

You should never ever judge a perfume by its bottle or a label, but in this very particular case, seduction is what you get from the moment you open the cap of this Sexy Amber by Michael Kors crystal bottle. The woman that wears this perfume does not need to wear a revealing lingerie in order to seduce. The woman that wears this perfume seduces the world with her walk, her witty smile and confident presence. This seductive perfume brings together seduction, raw passion and sophistication.

Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture

If you wear Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture on a date night, there is a great chance he will have an insatiable desire to nibble you maybe just a bit, because this caramel and wild berries concoction is irresistible. Even though you may be appalled by the simplicity of the perfume’s ingredients, you will be amazed by its elegant vanilla cameo appearance and femme fatale personality. If you really, really want this man, this is the perfume that will do the trick. He will be captured for good.

Noel au Balcon by Etat Libre d`Orange

Noel au Balcon is a perfume that strikes the perfect balance between the overly indulgent inclusion of spicy cinnamon and honey and the bitterness of the mandarin orange. It is an incredibly sexy scent, it is not too overpowering nor is it too sweet, so nobody will perceive you as the girl next door. Noel au Balcon is strong and bold, with a heavy note of personality and arrogance, the perfect perfume for women who want to leave a fragrant mark. Make this perfume your mark, and he won’t be able to shake away that scent from his mind forever. It is the seduction curse, the fragrant haunting, the perfume thrill which he will seek for the rest of his life.


Body by Burberry

Move away little girls, Body by Burberry is for women only. This is a captivating scent that will awake all of his senses and send him on a little journey to dreamland and back. If you wear this seductive perfume, do not get surprised if you notice men leaning closer just so they can feel the vibrating seduction emitted by your perfume. Body will help you enjoy all of the perks of being a woman: all of your needs will be met. If your dream man has a sweet tooth, this perfume will become his little craving.

Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums

Sometimes all of us wish to have a super power. If you are timid and shy, Ambre 114 will transform you into a sensual bomb. When this perfume touches your skin, it will instantly work its magic. First it will flirt and seduce you, and once you are hooked, it will cast a spell on everyone around you. The audacious amber and vanilla are toned down by the not so timid tonka beans and nutmeg.Ambre 114 will make him feel guilty for not meeting you sooner!

Fatale Intense by Agent Provocateur

Fairy tales are for real. Magic potions do exist, and they come in all shapes, sizes and scents. But there is only one potion that is alluring, enticing, tempting and enchanting at the same time, and it is Fatale Intense by Agent Provocateur. This is so much more than just a perfume. This is a perfume that has seduction as its signature mark. Its smell transforms everything and has “decadent” written all over it. A perfume that fits a goddess of sensuality. The throne is now empty, perhaps, this is your chance?

Sexy Perfume Style

Exotic Essence by David Yurman

Exotic equals sexy. Mysterious equals sensual. Exotic Essence epitomizes that sense of exoticism and mystery like no other perfume. Make seduction a child’s play with just a hint of this perfume. This scent will arouse him, amuse him and disarm him. If you desperately seek a spell to bond him forever, bring out the big guns, as this blend of mystical fruity accords, posh amber and enthralling wood notes will make him your puppet. Are you the puppet master he has been waiting for? Prove him right!

Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances

If Marilyn was still alive today, she would have chosen Midnight Fleur as her signature perfume. Sexy, seductive without a hint of vulgar, beautiful, tender without a naïve note in its composition and incredibly smart. There is nothing plain about it. The woman who wears this perfume is articulate and fearless. She knows seduction is just a word which begins with a sincere and direct look in the eyes. The woman who wears this perfume can have any man she wants, because she knows the beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the nose of the bewitched soul.

Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

Imagine a perfume that goes great with everything. A perfume that complements the champagne like a strawberry; the stars like the dark sky. When you are just being yourself, you have all you need in order to be perfect in the eyes of the right man. If he does not worship the ground beneath your feet when you wear this perfume, move on. Hugo Deep Red makes a statement: in this relationship I am the one who wears stilettos. And as you know, stilettos can be sexy, irresistible and deadly.

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