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“The Girl Next Door” by PINROSE Featuring Gilded Fox and Wild Child3 min read

02/27/2017 2 min read

“The Girl Next Door” by PINROSE Featuring Gilded Fox and Wild Child3 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This Girl next door is no ordinary plain Jane, she’s wild yet she’s still innocent in her actions. She’s mysterious and beautiful. She makes you want to get closer, to know all of her secrets. She smells of suntan lotion, as she stands in the back of her best friend’s convertible singing, dancing and laughing with flowers in her hair.

Pinrose recommends different combinations of scents to create a one of a kind fragrance.

For example Wild Child mixed with Gilded Fox or Secret Genius is said to be the “Girl next door blend” and I can see, or better yet, smell exactly why.

Gilded Fox is a warm sultry fragrance that reminds you of vanilla rum and cocoa making your senses crave something sweet, almost making your mouth water. Wild Child is a carefree, feminine and floral fragrance that emanates fresh flowers after a spring rain- but being that the base of Wild Child (which holds the fragrance together) is vanilla bean and amber, makes these two fragrances intertwine into a lustful but yet innocent concoction.

Depending on your mood you can add more of one or the other.

I am so impressed by Pinrose. Erika Shumate and Christine Luby founded the company with the vision to make “high quality fragrance a playful, effortless, everyday experience for the modern millennial.” And I believe they have done it!

Pinrose Wild Child– Tiare Flower, Bergamot, Freesia, Gardenia, Jasmine, Frangipani, Vanilla Bean, Amber.

Pinrose Gilded Fox– Cocoa, Buttered Rum, Vetiver

All Pinrose products are phthalate, paraben, cruelty, and gluten free.


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