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6 spring perfume suggestions to try out now

Girly Girl

6 spring perfume suggestions to try out now

Girly Girl

Are you packing away your winter clothes and thinking about freshening up your spring collection? If you are, do not forget to pack your winter perfumes, as you will need the place on the dresser for these top-notch spring perfumes. And trust us, you will want them all!


Scented Spring Strategy

Spring is in the air! You know you can feel its tangible presence when the days are longer, the skirts are getting shorter and the heels are going sky high (as soon as the ice alert is thawed). But you can definitely feel its presence when you simply cannot resist the nature’s calling for some new season shopping retail therapy. After all, shedding the extra winter layers and replacing them with new outfit is every woman’s basic job description. Still, as you pack away your reindeer sweater and the thick down parka, remember to pack that heavy perfume, which helped you to get through the winter stylishly unscathed.

The lighter fabrics and materials are also calling for some lighter olfactory notes, predominantly with flowery accords. These flowery notes will be the faultless icing on your casual t-shirt + boyfriend jeans+ ballet shoes style cake. But do not think that we are reckless and forgot all about your spring romance date nights. If this is the case, then break the safety glass and reach out for the heavy machinery: the never failing amber ’n’ musk concoction combined with a curve hugging little black dress.

Springtime Back

6 Stunning Spring Scents

Here are the 6 spring perfect perfumes that you definitely want in your fragrance wardrobe. These perfumes will perfectly embody the change of season and style. And this is not even the best part. These perfumes will awake the dormant goddess in you, the one that took winter break and hid herself under the piles of clothes. Now rock on your spring style and be the envy of the spring scents.

Leather Jacket

For the bold girls who can pull out mixing feminine and edgy pieces

These are the girls who look stunningly and utterly stylish wearing leather jackets with delicate chiffon dresses. These are the girls who look amazing wearing red stilettos and flamboyant t-shirts. These are the girls that need a spring perfume which can bridge this stylish gap: See by Chloe. This is the perfume that reconciles the bold fruity notes of apple and tones them down with a massive infusion of jasmine and ylang ylang.

Spring Street Style

For the girls that rule the runways called street style

The queens of the street style realm are really hard to please. These girls usually dictate the trends rather than being mere followers or plain style mortals. You will see these girls dotting comfortable boyfriend jeans paired with some designer accessory, and they can pull off this look without a hint of fashion ridiculousness. These girls gravitate to unique and unpredictable perfumes, the likes of Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey perfume. The base notes of plum and peach create secondary to none surprise that is exhilarated by the presence of nectarine, black locust and black currant.


For the fashion chameleon girls

The fashion chameleon girls are really hard to define. They choose their daily outfits based on many interchanging factors, such as weather changes, mood swings and the amount of chocolate allowed for that day. One day you will see them looking picture perfect with their little black dress and a pearl necklace and the other day you will see them wearing old sneakers and an unflattering sweater. The fashionable remedy for these girls is the very predictable Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs. This perfume warrants the perfect fashionable outing no matter the style circumstances. This guarantee comes in the form of the blend of red currant, guava, musk, lily of the valley and violet.


For the girly girls

Springtime is the time when the girly girls feel like they cannot step down from cloud nine. You see them in their tantalizing peach lace dresses turning the wheels of their bikes that include the signature mark of the girly girls: wicker baskets filled with colorful flowers. In case you cannot wait for the spring in order to feel good in your element, then there is only one perfume to go: Valentino’s Valentina Assoluto. The perfume is delicate and elegant just like the fabrics you choose: tuberose, jasmine and truffle make the trinity which epitomizes elegance.

Colorful Look

For the girls who are in love with every color of the spectrum

The zestfully vibrant outfits that burst with colors can never be paired with fragrances that are not equally bold. Every time a girl who is not afraid of colors and steps out with daring combination of tints and shades, she needs to pump up the volume with some generous spritzes of Prada’s Candy. The brave yet not overpowering mixture of vanilla, lemon and caramel will make sure that you won’t be only perceived as an eye candy, but as an eye candy with no-nonsense attitude.


For the bohemian goddesses

The bohemian goddesses think of spring as their training, a warming up season that comes before the summer, when they show all of their grace and creativity. These girls are the very opposite of trendy and shy away from style labels, yet somehow they always sport the best and unique jewelry. The laidback style needs to be properly matched with a perfume that corresponds to the fashion statement or the lack of it. The perfume that can match the uniqueness of one’s style is Marni’s Marni perfume or the Polka Dot perfume, the pet name given by its hoard of admirers. This is the perfume for the girls who do not dress to impress others, as they do that with their mere presence already.

Spring Hope

Ready for some shopping?

Now that you know how important it is to match your perfumes to your personal styles, you can start your fragrance shopping. Having a list of seasonal fragrances is always a good idea. Just think of it as your personal style insurance policy in case your signature perfume loses its signature mark.

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