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Deep purple for the rebel one


Deep purple for the rebel one

So many of us have this idea of what a tough woman looks like, based on the many movies we have been forced to watch or watched willingly. Our long history of movie characters has been embedded in our heads creating several ideals in real life. Ya know, the popular girl, the hunky guy, the nerdy one, and so on…

But the one that particularly stands out in my head is the Rebel girl. Think Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club, although her name may very well be Jean or Priscilla. You know the girl ,who in her younger years, gets to class tardy…on purpose , she moves the room with mystery, quietly, people gossiping about her like she’s the most insecure person on earth , but somehow she’s quite the opposite . She’s actually very secure in her own skin. She’s the girl all women would love to be secretly, but aren’t tough enough to handle the consequences. She doesn’t need a huge herd of friends to feel relevant, nor does she feel the need to wear pink.

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She enters your world with a bit of Goth, but still manages to be shyly stunning. She gently walks as if looking for something or someone like a snake waiting for his next attack, but she really just wants to be unseen. Her worn, leather jacket is her vice. It keeps her exterior so androgynous, a beautiful monster so to speak. She doesn’t want to conform to anything, because of course that would be a curse. Her dark, burgundy lipstick, though a 80s faux pas, is magically new again.

This is what comes to mind when I think of Alien by Thierry Mugler. It makes me think of our history of stereotypes that we have become so accustomed to. Alien is that non-conforming beast of a fragrance that’s interesting and scary at the same time , but in a good way. It doesn’t have the traditional bottle that looks like a diamond , but no, no, it has an insect shaped bottle with a deep dark purple color. Of course non-conformity has to be different. Alien can’t help but be noticed, but few may be able to pull it off for fear of being too fierce, if that ever existed. You know, that kind of attention you are afraid to attract.


Alien rears its head with sambac jasmine that takes you on a ride of being the most innocent, shy girl in the world, but she’s loud and she’s sexy too! She creates her own rules! It’s a big bang! It will be around for the life of the fragrance, but will slowly calm down. The sambac jasmine then welcomes cashmere wood for a bit of down to earth love. Finally, white amber ends this joy ride with some sensual love.

Alien is….my fragrance rebel.

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