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Interview with a perfume… Looking for Mrs. Vanilla


Interview with a perfume… Looking for Mrs. Vanilla

Imagine holding an interview with a perfume, asking a myriad of questions on the Basenotes, the Top Notes and the Heart notes. It would seem to range from the ‘Far Fetched’ to absolute  ‘Surrealism’,  and the perfume will be perfectly captured in all of its Oriental mysticism, taking you to the surreal olfactory places that other perfumes dare to go.

Raghba by Lattafa perfumes Dubai is an Arabic incense better known as Bukhoor pronounced as (‘BaHoor’). It captures all of the fine nuances of incense, but with a modern and infectious schtick, and abandons all principles which lead to building a new box instead of thinking outside of the box. Raghba is just that good. Close your eyes and imagine an actual conversation with Raghba.

SB: So What is your role in this fragrance?

Mr. Sandalwood: Unlike countless drones, I position myself as a catalyst. I present a dry and praline effect that can only go with a fragrance such as this one… but only if you have the right mixture of Vanilla.

Mr. Musk: I agree somewhat only because the musk note is imperative for incense since it blends all of the sharp edges of the smoke effect.

SB: So what provides the smoke effect?

Mr. Agarwood Oudh: I do. But unlike some oudh wood I am more tame and present a combination of sand, cotton and wool cashmere. Very Morroco-like!

Mr. Caramelized Sugar: I also am very morocco like in that I am a cross between freshly smoked brown sugar and a touch of nutmeg bringing Vanilla to a standstill if you can find her

Mrs. Vanilla: I present the equalizing principle to such masculine and neutral scents. I am the finishing touch on that I am free but untamed. I am not denatured but more refined and closer to the earth. Fresh brown earth, like the smell of fresh baked bread, brown rice and warm cocoa. In totality… I am Raghba!

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