jeanne lanvin couture

She watches herself in the mirror as she carefully applies her sexy red lipstick. She loves the feel of the lipstick gliding on her nude lips, and with every brush, she can feel the playful excitement slithering from the back of her neck. I am a bold and sensual woman, she tells herself, but this time she believes this is true. Her gaze is saturated in the fifty shades of deep purple, the perfectly elegant bow adorning her confidence flacon. I am a woman, she tells herself, and she cherishes the feeling which lingers inside her as she sways away her doubts.

Now, this is how Jeanne Lanvin’s Couture Perfume will make you feel: Elegant, Feminine and Utterly Sensual!

Notes: raspberry, magnolia, violet leaf, peony, water notes

Style: Surprisingly sensual perfume with ornate olfactory character!