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4 Office Appropriate Perfumes

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4 Office Appropriate Perfumes

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The corporate world is seriously contemplating to implement a fragrance restriction law and spread the idea that perfumes should be persona nongrata in the spaces where money is being made. Does this mean that, in the 21st century, body odor will be the only acceptable scent in the office air? Well, not if we have our way. 

Scented Discretion

Scented secrecy!

If you want to prevent this gloomy scenario from being played in your very own workplace theaters, then you need to learn to keep your perfume to yourself. Just like your secrets. If you do not want to be accused of instigating an allergic reaction in one of your co-workers while you also do not want to be stripped bare of your favorite fragrance, these are the office perfume rules you need to pledge to.

Delicate Office Style

Perfumed discretion

We all have that one co-worker whose perfume hijacks the elevator and lingers in the office building long after the Friday pay-check has been spent. Although in the 80’s this was an acceptable behavior, we have to come to terms with the fact that a gallon of Chanel No5 is more suffocating than Beijing’s smog.

On the other side of the spectrum are people who are more willing to treat their nostrils with a heavy portion of Flowerbomb than a powerful fragrant onion-garlic-coffee bomb. But in the office, discretion is key and that goes for perfume application.

Office Style

Economical fragrances or fragrant economy

Certainly, the world economy is having a time of its life riding the financial roller coaster. However, if its less than stable behavior  is taking a toll on your shopping habits, I have a tip for you.  Try treating your 9 to 5 perfume as one treated food during the World War II. The moment you want to apply your perfume and head to work, gather your willpower and only apply half of the usual amount. 4 perfume spritzes should be economically reduced to 2 or even a single spritz. The good rule of a thumb here is using one perfume bottle for the entire work year.

Happy Office

Perfumes for the stylish office woman in you

Here in this post, we have put together a list of four perfumes that won’t disturb the personal space of your co-workers and won’t make them resign from their jobs just because you decline to part ways with your heavy signature perfume.

Green Tea

Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea

This Elizabeth Arden perfume is soft and inoffensive, yet incredibly fresh. It is very discrete and can only be discerned when somebody intentionally walks in close proximity to you. The moment this person inhales the scented molecules, he or she will feel like they are enjoying an accidental trip to an English garden embroiled in crystal tears, courtesy of the rain. This is the ultimate politically correct perfume, mostly because is neutral. The mint and the lemon are utterly refreshing, and the inclusion of musk and amber warrants the perfume’s exquisiteness.


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely

SJP Lovely perfume is the best choice for a woman who is not afraid to show her attitude and rule her own small kingdom called PERSONALITY. Lovely is not a perfume that will leave a trail behind you, and in a crammed office space, this comes really handy. But not having a perfumed tail doesn’t mean that you will be spared of compliments. I should say that one of the effects of Lovely is an instantly poised vibe around you, a trait you certainly want to possess in a world where the right attitude can win you the right job title. Bergamot and nectarine are mystically tangible, but only to you, and the rosewood gives the right powdery edge that makes this perfume so intimate.


Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia

If someone has been able to bottle the carefree happiness of one child’s seaside adventure, then it is certainly Giorgio Armani. Acqua di Gioia is innocent and pure and also very unpredictable, just like a summertime shower storm. For a moment there you will be almost sure that you can smell your favorite lemonade stand and then the next moment you will feel softened by the delicate nature of the mint. The jasmine only makes a cameo appearance in this perfume, but its sweetness has been secured by the sugary presence, which invites you to have the best sugar rush in your life.


Cacharel’s Noa

If you can draw a whisper, then you will be able to explain the fragility of Cacharel’s most popular perfume of all times, Noa. This perfume is perfect for the girly girls, for those who wake up one hour earlier, just to make sure they are wearing the perfect lipstick and who are sporting simply immaculate office style. The perfume is subtle, like a feminine flirt but also ostentatious in the most elegant way. Peach, peony and musk are the first notes that only serve as messengers for the masterpiece of scents that come in the blend of rose, white flower and ylang-ylang.

Black And White Office Style

Personal styles and personal perfumes

In case you are trying to get into the 9 to 5 working marathon group, and you have a big job interview coming up, then we suggest you to wear one of the perfumes we discussed in an earlier blog post: 5 Perfume Suggestions for a Job Interview. And if you want to secure the limelight in your after-working-hours parties, you can learn how to match your perfume to your personal style on our blog.

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