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7 Christmas Perfumes: Deck the Halls with fragrance waterfalls!

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7 Christmas Perfumes: Deck the Halls with fragrance waterfalls!

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Playing Santa is often a frustrating merry-go-round of Black Friday deals, best sellers and unique steals we are trying hard to navigate. If you need a think-tank to aid you in Christmas perfume shopping, you have come to the right place. If you are open to venturing into the dangerous waters of perfume shopping, we have found a few very special items that are guaranteed to please your loved ones. See for yourself.

1. Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb 2013 Crystal Limited edition


As far as winter-themed perfume bottles go, this is a true gem. The artistic crystal shaped bottle adorned by a lavish sparkling bow doesn’t even require a gift wrap – it will shine brightly on its own. This is a limited edition that will be gone come January, so snatch one while you still can. The bottle is housing a marriage of jasmine, orchid, tea and organ tree that is begging for a celebration of life. The most appropriate way to celebrate Christmas.

2. Chloe’s Ally Solid Perfume Necklace

Chloe Ally Solid Perfume &Amp; Necklace

If you are challenged with picking a gift for someone with a refined and slightly peculiar taste, Chloe’s Ally solid perfume necklace is your savior. Arguably the absolute best invention since perfume came solid, this fashionably decadent accessory is apt to make even the pickiest woman happy. The amalgam of magnolia and peony, this perfume is a crowd pleaser. It oozes with confidence, so if you want to go an extra mile, make it an early Christmas gift, so this treasure can be flaunted during the Christmas party itself. You can thank us later.

3. Marc Jacob’s Honey

Oh-Honey-48286 Marc Jacob’s Honey is is for the ultimately good girl. A fun-filled and sun-kissed bottle is a great gift for anyone suffering from grayish wintery mood. It will undoubtedly be noticed under the tree bringing bee-like energy and warmth into the room. A blend of orange blossom, pear, vanilla, and mandarin is an uplifting concoction that will earn you plenty of hugs and kisses as well as a title of the best Santa ever. Period.

4. Valentino’s Valentina Assolutto


A gift for the ultimate feminine and romantic lady, Valentino’s fragrance is a statement. This perfume can melt the heart of the Ice Queen herself with its slightly exaggerated orange blossom  note toned down by star anise and a hint of spicy saffron. The  warm vanilla undertone of this perfume is a perfect remedy for a chilly frozen nose. The limited edition bottle is a great decoration and will most likely be displayed on the beauty cabinet scoring you countless points long after the Christmas festivities are over.

5. Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum Legere

Tumblr_Mc7Oqo5Zjv1Rtukjso1_500-500X250 Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum Legere is a perfect gift for a woman who cannot imagine Christmas without watching It’s a Wonderful Life. A sensitive and sentimental woman who carefully collects and stores special memories will appreciate the sincere yet happy-go-lucky attitude of this perfume. A sensory delight of white musk and patchouli with hints of vanilla and praline make this perfume an olfactive treasure. If anyone in this world has found a way to bottle happiness, then it is definitely Lancome.

6. Viva La Juicy Luxe by Juicy Couture


If we turn a blind eye on the fact that Juicy Couture couldn’t come up with a more creative name for this perfume, we can focus on the fact this could be a fun little gift. If you need to cross someone who is  20 and loves parteeeeys off your Santa’s list, this perfume is the perfect pick. The bottle is lavish, pretentious, ostentatious. An epitome of Marie Antoinette’s lifestyle and values, Viva La Juicy Luxe captures the partying spring break essence due to the juicy notes of mandarin, watermelon, apple and Crème brûlée – a truly delicious combination.

7. Lanvin’s Me


Now that you have enjoyed your little Santa role-play, it is time that you treated yourself to something really special. Lanvin’s Me is unashamedly lenient and literally invites you to be selfish and shameless. This floral creation is comprised of rose and blueberry mixed with tuberose and sandalwood and serves as a perfect reminder that you sometimes need to elevate yourself to be able to notice everyone around you.

Let the Festivities Begin!

Now that you are fully equipped with perfume gifting knowledge, you can totally rock that Santa’s list. If you are looking for more amazing gift options, check out our List of Iconic Perfumes. And if you are one of the few lucky people with a spare million bucks, we suggest opting for one of the world’s most expensive perfumes  – that way your gifts are guaranteed to sweep people off their feet.


Happy Holidays. Stay rad.


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