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Seasonal fragrances

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Seasonal fragrances


Generally people prefer fresh perfumes for warm weather and vice versa. Fragrances with herbal, water and citrusy notes are adored by many women during hot summer months. Autumn and winter usually good for warm, spicy fragrances that could bring comfort during windy or snowy months. Of course there are no strict rules in perfumery, just variants. It’s so nice sometimes to wear cold herbaceous fragrance when it’s outrageously cold outside, as well as many hot spicy perfumes are made for high temperature when they are developing with magic power and effect.

This autumn trends offer you a lot of different fragrances for different moods. Some of them are trying to marry sweet-warm-woody notes with fresh spices and herbs that would be perfect for a working day that will be continued with a party with friends. It can be Agonist Isis (citruses, pepper anis at top, warming ylang-yalng with ginger and nutmeg as middle notes and caramel, benzoin, vanilla, olibanum base), Agonist Dark Saphir (violet leaves, fresh spices, floral heart and woody sweet base) or Odin 10 Roam (pepper, saffron, coffer and ginger flowers and coco-incense base). One of the most interesting perfume novelties – Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Or Violette Fumée also offers gentle fresh violet accord (elegantly combined with light bitter-cold oakmoss hint) that charmingly sing along with smoky opoponax and myrrh.

If there is a foggy day outside, don’t hesitate to share its dark poetry with the help of new Huitième Art (Monsieur) and Yosh (Konig) launches. Pierre Guillaume offers his vision of black forests of Central France and Yosh tells old Bavarian forests’ tales. Both fragrances are dark woody scents with green and balsamic notes, slightly warmed with incense and sandal (Monsieur) or amber and leather (Konig). Leather-smoky theme that is also goes well in autumn is developed in new Blood Concept Black Series. Four new fragrances coincide with perfumes from the previous collection. Along with usual pepper, bergamot and woody notes you will find there tea, coffee and cannabis with gunpowder. After that you can easily continue with Etat Libre d’Orange’s La fin du Monde – punky Apocalypse with pop-corn, cumin and , well yes, gunpowder again.

For those who want to meet autumn and winter embraced with cozy-warm leather-balsamic arms – pay attention to Amouage new fragrant couple Fate or X-Ray new Enigma scent inspired by journey to Kiev.

Bright floral 14 Noontide Petals by Tauer Perfumes, rose Perfumista Avenue by Bond #9 or Mark Buxton’s fruity Emotional Rescue you can keep for spring or for spring mood!

And aromatic experiments by Olivier Durbano – Lapis Philosophorum and Oliver Valverde Risquez (Oliver&Co) – Nebula 1&2 are definitely worth trying (and appreciating) no matter what weather and season we have outside.

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