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How to Make Your Scent Last All Day

How To Make Your Scent Last All Day

How to Make Your Scent Last All Day

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Perfume is like a crime novel: one needs to dose it carefully in order to keep the audience in suspense. One of the most cherished perfume qualities is its longevity. This means that perfumes are all about layering. And some other tricks that will teach you how to prolong the time before your perfume leaves the planet’s atmosphere and hangs out with space shuttles in the orbit.

If you are interested, all you need to do is keep on reading and pay attention.

Even if you are not an aromatherapy fanatic, you should know that inhaling scented oils facilitates the process of making pleasant associations with certain events and people, and this is scientifically proven claim.

The fragrances that are pleasant have propensities of leaving their mark directly into the hippocampus of the brain part, also known as the seat of the memory. However, if you apply your perfume and after an hour it cannot be detected by no human around you (dogs and other mammals will perceive your perfume, too bad they cannot compliment you), it will be just as same as you have sprayed your money into a thin air.

Scent Back In Time

Mix In the Body Lotion

In case you hate the fact that you have oily skin, this next line will force you to make a change of heart. The oiler the skin is, the more the scent will lock onto the skin, and thus it will last longer. On the other hand, if you are a bit shallow in the good skin gene pool and you are blessed with dry skin, then I am a bearer of some bad news.

Perfumes do not like to hang out with dry skin, so you need to attract them with little incentives. In this case, you should always try to find a body lotion from the same perfume collection. If the perfume manufacturer hasn’t launched a body lotion, then you will have to make an effort and buy a lotion that is fragrance free.

These lotions can be found in the sensitive skin sections in drugstores. Some popular brands even sell scented soaps, thus ensuring that the fragrance will be locked in your skin.

The perfume application routine should go something like this: Come out of the shower, apply your body lotion, and while the skin is still wet, spray few times of your perfume on it. The skin will absorb the complete mixture, and the warmth of the body will release the fragrance molecules in gradual manner. Or, you can spray a bit of the perfume on your neutral body lotion, so you will actually have a perfume based body lotion.

Luscious Scented Hair

Scented hair

Another trick that will also heighten the sillage and prolong the lifespan of your perfume is its application on wet hair. As soon as you are out from the shower, spray just a bit on the hair ends. As the hair dries gradually, the perfume will also break down the molecules with the same tempo. Once dry, when you move your hair, the perfume molecules will break down with an increased tempo, so the people walk by you will definitely detect your scent.

Young Youthful Perfume

Scented outfit

The real truth is that the eau de parfums are more concentrated than eau de toilettes, and as such they can stain certain fabrics, which is why you are advised to never apply perfume on clothes. However, if adopt a strategic application approach, the scented garments may be your true allies in the fight against the early-departed perfume molecules.

Apply the perfume on the edges of your coat’s lining and on the other pieces you wear where it won’t be visible.

Use an old thin scarf and apply the perfume on it generously. Let the scarf air dry and place it inside your favorite piece of clothing or accessory (the trick works even on hats).

Refrain yourself from applying the perfume under your armpits, as the concoction of your personal perspiration and perfume is not the most flattering scent on the planet.

Store the perfume in the right manner

Maybe you do not know this, however if you leave your perfume in direct sunlight and somewhere warm, some of the compounds in your perfume will dissolve early, leaving you with nothing but a slightly fragrant alcohol water.

If you just had a great idea and decided to keep it in your bathroom, please don’t. The humidity and the heat from the shower can still tamper with its compounds, so you will need to find other, more suitable cool and dark place for perfume storage (Scentbird sleek case falls under the category of the most advisable manners of recommended fragrance storage).

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    Awe, just I felt awestruck, I have always worried about how to make my fragrance last longer. Thanks for sharing wonderful suggestions. Definitely, I gonna try scenting in body lotion and hairstyle which I have never tried yet. Hope it works out. Most of my perfumes will purchase from 724 perfumes just they sell amazing brands.

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    Great Tips. The power of scent is considered to evoke the feelings of luxury, sophistication, and comfort. Our sense of smell is a very powerful one; certain smells can rekindle memories and lift our moods. It’s sometimes just the essence that evokes emotions and a feeling.

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    I found it interesting when you said that perfume lasts longer when applied to oilier skin. Thankfully, I'm a fan of lotions and always apply them after I shower. Maybe I can buy the Emporio Armani Perfume for Women that I saw the other day and see if this would last on my skin.

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