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Simply the Best Goodbye-Summer Fragrances

Goodbye Summer Fragrances

Simply the Best Goodbye-Summer Fragrances

Fall is around the corner, but don’t put away those summer fragrances just yet!
Everyone knows when fall is around the corner we get excited for the change in weather, from the hot humid days to the crisp cool air. You start to think about what jackets and sweaters you need to pull to the front of your closet, and what perfumes you should wear.
Most people desire something heavier, spicier and deeper in the fall and winter months.
The reason behind this is, during the summer humidity, the more odor moves, the more molecules in the air move. This usually makes us want to wear something lighter and fresh.
In cooler temperatures, scents don’t travel the same way and aren’t as heavy, hence needing to wear something stronger so that will stand out. I have some personal recommendations below:
  • La Vie Est Belle by Lancome: Get ready to be blown away with sensual and dazzling amalgam of iris, pear, orange blossoms, jasmine, tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla.
  • Si EDP by Giorgio Armani: A fascinating scent with charming flair, courtesy of cassis, vanilla, patchouli, May rose and freesia notes.
  • Viva La Juicy Gold Couture by Juicy Couture: The lovechild of sexy and sweet, Viva La Juicy Gold Couture will charm its way to your wrists with notes of wild berries, honeysuckle, sandalwood, golden amber, caramel and vanilla elixir.
  • Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: The staple of fall/winter scent wardrobe, Black Opium is a smooth blend of vanilla, black coffee, pear, jasmine and patchouli.
  • Burberry Brit EDT by Burberry: Playful, fresh and sexy, it’s just what you need when the rain decorates your windows…
But don’t put away your summer fragrances just yet, depending on weather, your summer perfumes can smell completely different to you. For example, yesterday was hot and humid, I put on a new perfume and it was fruity and sweet.
Today I put on the same perfume, but it’s a lot cooler outside with less humidity and now the rose and cedar are more prominent. Two completely different notes are sensed. It’s almost like having a completely different fragrance! The notes that come forward the most can also be the dependent on your skin’s moisture levels, diet and hormones.
However, weather plays a huge factor. So don’t be afraid to try some lighter or summer type fragrances in the fall also, you may be surprised.
Enjoy the perfumes so every time you open the bottle it will evoke a memory of the memorable scenes that captured your heart while you are wearing this certain perfume. Perfumes are our perfect reminders of the beautiful events. They are our strongest allies in winning over people and territories.
Below are just a few of many the fragrances that you can try that are great despite the season.
If you have not found your favorite for this year, and perhaps ever for life, here’s my proposal.
Happy Discovering!!!
  • My Burberry by Burberry: It embodies the notion of green lush garden, taking your mind on a holiday to a place filled with rainkissed flowers and freshness.
  • Eros Pour Femme by Versace: With a certain lusciousness that adds an air of sexyness and allure, Eros Pour Femme is made for lavish use all over your body.
  • Glam Jasmine by Michael Kors: Featuring glamorous jasmine laid on a bed of white florals, this MK fragrance creates serious base for seduction, even in colder weather.
  • Amore Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto: Flirty, fascinating and fantastic, Amore is a scented rendition of a scorching hot summer love affair.
  • Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture: Unapologetically alluring with just the needed dose of dangerously sweet, Viva La Juicy Noir is made for snuggling by the fire.

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