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Mastering the Art of Perfume Layering


Mastering the Art of Perfume Layering

How can perfume layering help you create your own unique scent? The technique is easier to master than you think. The term “perfume layering” was first introduced back in the sixties. It all started as a ritual that aims to increase fragrance longevity on the skin.

Nowadays the main idea of perfume layering is combining different scents and perfumes in order to produce a unique fragrance – adopting a more personal meaning.

  • Step 1: Take a shower using your favorite soap or gel.
    Step 2: While the skin is still damp, apply a lightly scented body lotion.
    Step 3: Spray eau de toilette freely on your body, or eau de perfume on pulsating points

For instance, we bathe with scented gels or soaps, then we put on lotions, oils or creams, then perfume, then deodorant and some of us even use scented hair product. This mishmash creates a unique scent and for us alone. With layering, there really are no rules – explore different scented combinations until you find something that you like.

We only ask that you apply heavier scents before fresh fragrances because if it is the other way around, stronger scents will stifle the lighter notes. In my experience, it is best to mix two to three complementary fragrances (from similar fragrance families) max. I personally love playing with essential oils and perfumes, like pairing orange oil and a citrusy perfume, or rose oil and a fruity perfume – you actually get a beautiful floral/fruity combo. It is also worth noting that you can never go wrong combining vanilla, musk and rose!

You can certainly apply each fragrance on the same places on your body, but you will need to wait a few seconds between application. But, I find it that it is better when layering perfumes on different pulsating points of the body. For example, I apply one fragrance on my wrists, the other behind the ears and the third on the nape of the neck.

As a finishing touch you can actually spray a light eau de toilette on your hair ends for that special and long-lasting effect.

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Layer on!

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