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Best Citrusy Perfumes for Fall

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Best Citrusy Perfumes for Fall


Heavy floral, gourmand fragrances usually steal the thunder, come fall, but this should not always be the case. Fresh, uplifting and joyful perfumes with dominating accords of citrus can bring some much desired color in your fragrance wardrobe, regardless of your olfactory preferences.

Citrusy notes bring a very clean thread to every scent profile on the fragrance kaleidoscope: youthfulness to floral perfumes; versatility to peppery spices and elegance to otherwise strong earthy notes of woods.

Check out these 5 citrus spiced perfumes that should mark your perfume wardrobe this fall:

Sporty Citrus By Michael Kors

This perfume is pure energy in bottle. It is exciting and refreshing, especially the opening phase in which the orange steps on full throttle.

Sporty Citrus is like an addictive tune, inspiring you to be active, to move, to be open, to enjoy life. The dry down phase closes with musk and orange blossom, making this perfume ideal for women of all ages.

Stella By Tocca

If you are on the hunt for a perfume with citrusy domination that oppresses against being labeled as sporty, then this is the right kind of perfume for you.

It is a very sophisticated potion with blood orange as the lead vocals, and a very prominent whisper of flowers laid on a base of sandalwood as supporting act. Sensual, enticing, enthralling perfume worthy of everyone’s respect.

The Beat Edt By Burberry

Soft, gentle, comfortable citrusy perfume with flowing texture. Due to its inoffensive nature, it is the IT office perfume for the women who let their creativity flow from the scent that surrounds them.

It opens with the intoxicating aroma of bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper and mandarin, which quickly dries down to a powdery, spicy blend of white musk, vetiver and cedarwood. It is a perfume that does not fight for attention, but receives tons of compliments because of its sophistication.

Esprit D’oscar By Oscar De La Renta

Powdery citrus beautifully decorated by florals with delectable accords of orange blossom and jasmine crowning the composition.

It is complex, magical, inviting perfume that could easily be your date night perfume talisman. A perfume that will serenade softly, spark your imagination and allow you to feel all of the perks of being a woman.

Eau De Cartier Zeste De Soleil By Cartier

Fresh and light perfume with notes of yuzu, passion fruit and mint, which linger throughout the dry down.

Sensual, luxurious and classy perfume with relaxing and zen-like qualities. When the weather is warmer, the perfume opens like a flower’s petals on the skin, drying off very quickly and offering the base as the leitmotif of the perfume. However, when the weather is colder, the opening notes of yuzu cling to your skin like stubborn icicles to a rooftop, taking you to a place of serenity.

When applied on a piece of clothing, the fragrance becomes the textile itself. It sticks to the threads of fabric, a fragrant reminiscent that life is always better looking after a spray or two of a beautifully achieved perfume.


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