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3 Men’s Fragrances That Women Love and Wear



3 Men’s Fragrances That Women Love and Wear


Women in the 21st century are dictating their own olfactory ground rules. And part of this fragrant paradigm shift is the raid on male cologne shelves.

It is true more and more women are growing tired of soft floral perfumes that do not reflect their personalities and their ambitions.

If you are one of these women, I encourage you to expand your horizons and take a well worth step into the unknown: the world of male colognes.

Honestly, I am an avid advocate for fragrant democracy and do not believe in olfactory labels. After all, it is only the name and the marketing of the fragrance that sets these invisible fragrant restrictions.

I wear whichever perfume that makes me happy, because it is the true nature of perfume, and lately I have found that these three particular fragrances make me feel like am I floating several feet off the ground.

Suspiciously enough, they are all marketed towards men:

Bvlgari Man By Bvlgari

This bound to be timeless classic appeals both to men and women, especially judging from the comments the olfactive marvel has been reaping since its introduction in 2010. Bvlgari Man tugs heavily on your primordial instincts like playing on a harp, awakening something so deep and sensual.

It is the essence of raspy, powdery lotus flower essence on gentle cashmere woody base laden with honey, combining masculinity and sensuality in one.

With clear, fresh composition and wildness at heart, this is the fragrance that seduces you slowly and potently.

Complexly multilayered and multifaceted, this woody-vetiver-amber/honey seductor loves nothing more than a naked body, so it can show all of its talents unhindered by expectations.

L'eau D'issey Pour Homme Edt By Issey Miyake

L’ Eau D’ Issey Pour Homme EDT cologne breezes serenely on the skin, bringing forth the much desired freshness and originality. This is the yang to Miyake’s L’eau d’Issey yin, a true winner with its complex disposition and exoticism.

Known for his love of aquatic scents enjoying the matrimony with spicy, earthy notes, L’ Eau D’ Issey Pour Homme is alluring like a stroll into the Emperor’s forbidden gardens.

If men fragrances get the demographical orientation based on their olfactory strength, then this cologne by Miyake should be labeled at least as unisex: it has just the right sillage and longevity, which stay close to you like an invisible aura: you can feel it, but you cannot fend off the energy radiating of the cologne, a magnet for your nose and senses.

Infusion D'homme By Prada

Ladies, do not get fooled by the name. It is a powdery floral scent which relies heavily on vetiver to evade being labeled as women’s perfume.

And this note alone is enough to morph this fragrance into cologne, rather than the perfume category. In fact, this is a cologne that loves melodrama and has feelings.

Iris and neroli living in harmony with vetiver. The much coveted happy ending in everyone’s fragrant story book.

I really love Whitney Houston quote about the existence and thrive of women in men’s world. And what I love the most is that this is also true perfume wise.

I know that men wearing skirts is part of some cultures (hello Scotland), however women are less likely to get the strange looks when wearing pants.

Therefore ladies, if you are up for experimenting, start with the fragrance sector. You will be surprised to see how magical some scents are, if you ignore the names on the package and just trust your nose.

Men And Women Fragrances


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    Christa Back

    What do I do if I have purchased a perfume that I do not like nor do I wear! Its upsetting. I now have to wait until next months subscription and hopefully I will enjoy and wear it.

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    HI Christa, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately Scentbird does not offer refunds or returns on subscriptions of any kind, however, there is a group on Facebook called Scentbirdies where you can trade the perfume you received. The link to the group is here Have a nice scented day, Marina

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