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Must-Try Niche Lines: A Scentbird Guide to the Unique, Unusual, and Unmissable Fragrances



Must-Try Niche Lines: A Scentbird Guide to the Unique, Unusual, and Unmissable Fragrances

The best way to enjoy wearing perfume is to try as many different brands, styles, and genres as you can.  First, you’ll quickly educate your senses about what you truly love in fragrance. This is really important, because if you only go by what other people tell you they like, you’ll lose out on what makes a signature scent so personal and wonderful to wear.

Another big reason is that the scented world is overflowing with fun choices – new brands arrive by the month, and there are hundreds of new lines to play with –why limit yourself?

And lastly, being adventurous with perfume keeps your pulse on the most exciting releases in olfactory fashion, and you definitely don’t want to be left out when a game changing fragrance hits the market.  Sticking with a sad bottle of scent you got one compliment on a year ago is not the way to keep scent style profile fresh.

So, now that we’ve given you some great reasons to explore what’s out there, here are some of the most unique, unusual, and unmissable scents available now. Consider this as a quick shopping list and easy reference for the best work being done outside the mainstream.


I Am Trash Les Fleurs Du Dechet By Etat Libre

Etat Libre d’Orange’s bizarre name tells you what you’re in for right at the start.  Their love of surrealism, in-your-face sexuality, and truly unique ideas have made them one of the best niche lines to get into and stay with. I AM TRASH LES FLEURS DU DECHET is a green scent, made from a wondrous and strange blend of upcycled perfume ingredients – including cedar, rose, and musk notes. Etat Libre d’Orange promotes this release with the phrase, “When the world becomes trash, might as well wear it.” But don’t let this tongue-in-cheek attitude fool you – this is pure Parisian fragrance at its height and might be the only time you get some serious compliments for wearing recycled perfume.  

Aether– Muskethanol

Muskethanol 100Ml

The new 21st century scent scene celebrates synthetics as much as natural notes in perfume. Aether’s Muskethanol smells like a heady, boozy, and deliriously cool blend of whiskey accords and floral musks,and even Aether is billed as a synthetic perfume, its bold sensuality is very,very real.

Raw Spirit – Mystic Pearl

Mystic Pearl By Raw Spirit Fragrances

Raw Spirit is what you get when you cross idealism and empathy with a cutting-edge indie fragrance company.  Their releases are all made in collaboration with the oldest civilizations on the planet, to help boost their local economies and highlight their cultures. And these perfumes are as exotic on the skin as they sound – Mystic Pearl contains an actual pearl infusion backed by cinnamon and clove spice.  Raw Spirit’s vision allows you to generously be a world citizen as well as rocking an amazing and unique fragrance.

Start with these indie favorites from our catalog and see where they take you.  It’s never a bad thing to be curious with perfumes, and it’s actually the best way to learn what you truly love in fragrance.  This is just the beginning!

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