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Match Perfume to Your Clothing Style: The Guide

Match Perfume To Your Clothing Style The Guide
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Match Perfume to Your Clothing Style: The Guide


When picking an outfit for the day, what do you usually go for? Bold, colorful prints? Something delicate to flaunt your sophisticated nature? Or maybe just a plain t-shirt with a pair of worn-out jeans and converse? Regardless, these is perfume out there to match your style. Today we are focusing on Five Domineering Styles that most women fall into. Since most of us are versatile beings, do not be surprised if you fall into more than one category. Rather, prepare to experiment and have a lot of fun.

Sexy Perfume Style

Perfume for Sexy Style

If your preferred style of clothing enhances your sex appeal and is flirty then you would fall into the sexy category. The clothing that you enjoy wearing enhances your figure and creates a sensual and coquettish look. For this particular clothing style, you will want to go with a perfume that has sensual overtones with a combination of florals and spices. Choosing soft and subtle Oriental scents is a great option for women who dress in a way that is sure to turn heads and stop traffic. Some perfumes that you will enjoy are Lalique Le Parfum by LaliqueNoel au Balcon by Etat Libre d`Orange and Mad Madame by Juliette Has A Gun.

Perfume for Elegant Style

An elegant clothing style is sophisticated and feminine. It is timeless and looks professional, without being too office-like. It is ideal for a woman who celebrates all of her curves while remaining ladylike. Perfumes that fall into this category include Omnia Crystalline EDT by BvlgariVersense by Versace and Delicate Essence by David Yurman.

Perfume for Sporty Style

Someone with a sporty clothing style tends to wear items that are more relaxed and neutral in color. You do not have to necessarily be athletic to fall into this category, just laid-back and practical. If your style is sporty, you should choose scents that have citrusy, green, and fruity elements. Some scents that would fall into this category are Happy by Clinique, Cheap and Chic Hippy Fizz by Moschino and Peace, Love & Juicy Couture.

Perfume for Exotic Style

If your clothing is striking, unusual, and rather colorful, you would probably fall into the exotic type. Your style is one that grabs the attention of those around you. Your signature scent should be as exotic as your look. The kind of perfume you choose should have elements of sweet spices and oriental floral notes. The perfumes that best fit into this category include Night by Judith LeiberBright Crystal Absolu by Versace and Amor Amor In a Flash by Cacharel.

Classic Perfume Style

Perfume for Classic Style

A classic style of clothing includes items that are conventional and do not typically change with the latest trends. They are comfortable and simple. If your style falls into this category, you should look for scents that are more traditional with floral elements. Some of these classic traits can be experienced in perfumes such as Granada by Oscar de la RentaF For Fascinating by Salvatore Ferragamo or Vert Reseda by Odin.

Finding the right scent for your clothing style does not have to be hard. With this little guide, you should have an understanding of the types of things to look for in the scent that matches your clothing. If you have more than one style, don’t hesitate to buy different fragrances to match them.  Always make sure to test the fragrance on your skin before making a purchase to see if it is right for you or not. And remember how fleeting those top notes are, so always give your fragrance at least two hours before making a buying decision.

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