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Carven Vetiver by Carven Parfums: Cologne with History

Carven Vetiver


Carven Vetiver by Carven Parfums: Cologne with History

Vetiver Carven


A masterful execution of the vetiver theme, Carven Parfums composition opens with luminous effervescent exhibition of citrusy notes infused with intensely potent smokey finish.

With a blend of notes that evolve on the skin as the scent matures, CARVEN  VETIVER is certainly a scent that must not be missed.

After the initial explosion of citrus settles, it’s time for flowers to shine in all their glory. In the heart the tantalizing floral accords provided by lavender and geranium sprinkled with orange peel hit on full throttle.

The finish is woody, sensual and strong, with voluptuous earthy nuances of benzoin, sandalwood and cedar balancing the rather potent dose of vetiver.

Never heavy but certainly articulate, Carven Vetiver is full bodied, potent smokey fragrance showcasing its compelling qualities in the best way: through the scent’s projection.

Although the vetiver as keynote is truly dominating, in reality its tough exterior masks a soft, sentimental disposition that resurfaces through the woodsy finish.

Carven Vetiver by Carven Parfums is marketed towards men, but this does not mean that women should shy away from this scent.

Created with innovation in mind, this perfumery gem is all about balance: the intense, smoky aroma of the woodsy notes with the blend of zesty citrus fruits, the warmth of lavender and sweet geranium.

Carven Vetiver

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