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Falling in Love with Fall3 min read

09/30/2016 3 min read

Falling in Love with Fall3 min read

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The scents of summer are so romantic and it can be hard to let go of the fresh scents of sun tan lotion, chlorine, fresh cut grass and honeysuckle. The truth is, summer blooms are fading…their smells being replaced with the crisp cool air and dried leaves. But as our Mother Nature takes away summer she does so by easing us into goodbye with the divine smells of fall.

Nights are getting longer, chimneys and fire pits are glowing and permeating the air with a smoky crispness. The leaves are like flowers on their own accord turning yellow, amber and apple red. They have lived their season and now twirl down to the ground so beautifully to their demise. Hot chocolate with marshmallows replaces the iced tea that once warmed so quickly in the summer heat of your car cup holder.

Hopefully sharing one of my favorite fall scents will help you ease into the new season, and maybe even you will fall in love with fall.

burberry brit edt

My favorite falling in love with fall scents is Burberry Brit EDT, and why Do I love it so dearly?

Read on.

This fragrance is everything cozy and sweet. When I first smelled this fragrance 6 years ago I thought of warm fresh laundry, my husband’s cologne, sugar, and something fresh and girly all rolled into one fragrance. I was astounded by the layers that I could keep peeling back. All the notes made me feel nostalgic trying to pinpoint what happy moment each ingredient reminded me of. Can you say snugly and warm!? Yes! This is definitely something I recommend for anyone craving a warmer scent. For those of you who can’t handle anything too deep, too gourmand or too woody but want a fall scent, try this cozy cashmere sweater in a bottle. Maybe now saying goodbye to summer won’t be so difficult after all.

Fall in Love with Burberry Brit EDT by Burberry on Scentbird

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