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Want To See Our Fave Green Scents For Summer?


Want To See Our Fave Green Scents For Summer?

When we think of summer scents, we often picture vibrant florals and juicy fruity notes. But this season, jungle lush fragrances can feel just as glamorous. And judging by this whole situation, they may be our last chance to really feel wild…

BERDOUES Selva Do Brazil

Selva Do Brazil Berdoues

If this Berdoues fragrance is what the Brazilian rainforests smell like, we’re applying for citizenship, because this is pure heaven, and we want a permanent residency there. The notes of citrusy petitgrain cut through the medley of tonka and guaiac wood like a machete, making the fragrance feel dewy fresh and inviting, all at once.  

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ETAT LIBRE D`ORANGE You Or Someone Like You

Etatyou Or Someone Like You 100Ml Bottle High Res

Leave it to Chandler Burr, the only curator of olfactory arts in the world and the founder of the avant-garde fragrance house ELDO, Etienne de Swardt, to create a scent that’s redolent of uniqueness. The fragrance features a blend of old-school-turned-cool notes like rose, mint and grass tangled in a prickly cactus juice. The result is herbaceous, green-drenched scent that makes an absolute statement when paired with your unique personality. 

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Floral Scents

Just-cut grass, a jasmine flower in your hair and pear salad…The ultimate summer fantasy and the complete line-up of this ah-mazing scent. If you love the smell of summer and all things melancholy, get prepared to add this perfume to your fave list. 

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An aquatic scent with spicy undertones, Falls blends water, green mist, and wet jungle moss with tropical spices. It’s a truly dewy scent reminiscent of Hawaiian waterfall and its lush tropical flora. With most of our summer plans now rescheduled, this is the closest we’ll get to feeling the sweet, exotic escapism on our skin. 

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Rain Day Derek Lam

This unisex fragrance should come with a book and a clean t-shirt, because it smells like slow, rainy Sundays, when you want nothing but a cup of tea and a good read. The magic behind it? Combine verdant vetiver with neroli blossom and there you are. Rain Day, wet asphalt, the heat, cozyness and petrichor, all rolled up together in the air. Don’t believe us? Just go to our page here and read the reviews. 

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