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On Our Radar: Ooh La Rouge by Christian Siriano


On Our Radar: Ooh La Rouge by Christian Siriano

Summer is finally here and after all this time in iso, we bet you’re eager to fire up the group chat, get some plans on your calendar, and go all-out. Luckily, next month’s must-have scent for your queue is as extra as you are — in the best way, of course.

While we can’t promise that the sun will shine brightly all the time, we guarantee Christian Siriano’s latest perfume launch to quench thirst for all things new. 

With the unstoppable femme-fatale influence charging through all of Christian Siriano’s designs, Ooh La Rouge taps into the demand for classical floral scents with a unique, modern twist. 

Be warned though, this is not your grandmother’s rose; Ooh La Rouge is a vivid, floriental scent drawing inspiration from the seductive feminine silhouette. 

Its opening off-beat mix of blood grapefruit, praline and saffron guarantees the perfume’s exotic appeal. The all-white floral bouquet of jasmine, gardenia and tuberose charges straight ahead at the crossroad of zesty, sweet and spicy, stakes a claim and changes the direction of the perfume. Amberwood and musk join the floral journey through the drydown, making Ooh La Rouge a real sensory adventure. 

Best worn with a bright, sunny attitude. 

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  1. Sabrina Knapper

    Can't wait to smell beautiful.

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