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French Clary Sage by Lisa Hoffman: Scent Odyssey

French Clary Sage By Lisa Hoffman

French Clary Sage by Lisa Hoffman: Scent Odyssey


French Clary SageSheer and softly sensual, uncomplicated scent dominated by notes of pure gentleness, French Clary Sage is that one perfectly weightless perfume that brings sensation of utter bliss.

From the first whiff of the enticingly multifaceted clary sage, it is evident that Lisa Hoffman announces an aromatic treat for all of the senses.

The dry, raw clary sage balances flawlessly into the floral (flax and freesia mix) company to arouse kind of sensory lightness. The bergamot infusion delivers just the right amount of fresh temptation and juiciness, providing a backdrop for the soft cotton and aquatic notes.

An innovative fragrant composition, Lisa Hoffman French Clary Sage deserves a place under the sun, on your skin.

Clary Sage

I imagine the woman who wears this perfume as a fragrance maverick.

“All Rights Reserved” is written across her heart. “Handle With Care” is written across her soul.

The outside world perceives her as fragile, but her mind perceives her as sensual. She speaks softly and loves gently, but her passion is as wild as untamed lion.

She makes plans and burn bridges as she crosses the rivers made of tears. She loves, she yearns, she craves passion.

Her smile is addictive and her jokes are thoughtful. She doesn’t believe in ordinary, because all of us live in an extraordinary world.

She is an absolute beginner, sometimes she makes mistakes, she runs up, she runs down, she runs away and she runs deep.

She is sensual, with carnal desires and chaste longings.

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