Celebrate Independence Day With Patriotic Perfumers


Celebrate Independence Day With Patriotic Perfumers

This Fourth of July, we’re celebrating our fave USA perfumers. Fire up the grill, pour some frothy iced drinks and spray boldly, scent lovers. Take a look at all the fragrance houses born in the USA on Scentbird:


Caswell-Massey, founded in 1752, is the oldest American fragrance company. Reflecting the adventurous and independent spirit that has always been at the heart of America, some of these fragrances are modern, while others are classic – but quality and tradition unites them all. Here’s the full list of Caswell-Massey fragrances that you can find on Scentbird: Centuries Verbena, Centuries Almond, Heritage Tricorn, ROS, Centuries Sandalwood, and Heritage Jockey Club.

Diana Vreeland

Inspired by Diana Vreeland, the iconic US fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, this stunning fragrance collection is captivating and essential for those seeking high-quality scents with a uniquely playful streak.Try Simply Divine, Devastatingly Chic and Daringly Different, for scents infused with charm, now available on Scentbird.

Confessions Of A Rebel

Confessions Of A Rebel is a New York-based indie brand whose core mission is to capture distinct moments and communicate them through fragrance. At the moment, you can enjoy Get A Room, or About Last Night exclusively on Scentbird.  

Kierin NYC

KIERIN NYC is an independent and fun-loving emerging fragrance house, straight out of NYC. Infused with energy, creativity and passion, Nolita Noir or Sunday Brunch synthesize the essence of Manhattan to a tee.

Abbott NYC

Abbott is a fragrance house created with a promising concept: to develop gender-free fragrances that convey the spirit and the memories of natural places. Scentbird is very excited to offer two of Abbott’s releases to whet your wanderlust: The Cape and Mojave.


Manhattan-based beauty brand Glossier is revolutionizing the world of skincare, makeup – and, of course, fragrance. Glossier You is modern, minimalistic and intended to interact with your natural skin chemistry, not mask it. Click here to try it with Scentbird.

Nest Fragrances

Laura Slatkin, the founder of Nest Fragrances aspires to create perfumes that are both luxurious and functional works of art. Each of the perfumes in the collection has its own personality and each one creates a different mood: happy, seductive, sensual, exotic, romantic, fresh or… decadent. Here on Scentbird we’ve got Black Tulip, Citrine, Indigo and Dahlia & Vines to match your mood this Fourth of July and beyond.


Launched in 1968, Norell’s namesake was design legend, Norman Norell.  Norell’s scented legacy is showcased in the form of three undeniably elegant and trend-led fragrances: Norell New York, Norell Elixir and Blushing.


TOCCA is a perfume line with a lightly sensual style and upbeat attitude, entirely made in the US. Each perfume represent a unique side of feminine glamour and sophistication. On Scentbird you can experiment with: Maya, Simone, Florence, Giulietta, Cleopatra, Stella, and Colette.

Raw Spirit

Raw Spirit’s vision finds fragrances at the crossroads of philanthropic and commercial endeavors. Each of the four fragrances Scentbird carries – Citadelle, Bijou Vert, Desert Blush and Summer Rain – is made using sustainably sourced rare and unique natural ingredients.


Pinrose is a 21st century perfume house whose high quality blends are designed by real women for real women. The exquisite pair of perfumes – Wild Child and Gilded Fox – is rated high among our community of fragrance lovers.  

EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh

Established in 2015, EB Florals is an ultra-exclusive line of lavish fragrances by world renowned floral designer Eric Buterbaugh. Each fragrance is inspired by the complex scent, color and texture of flowers. Currently Scentbird carries six EB Florals fragrances: 1947 Dahlia, Velvet Lavender, Thorns Rose, Virgin Lily of the Valley, Apollo Hyacinth and Fragile Violet.


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