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Caswell-Massey reviews
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Definitely not a good scent, i don't like it at all. It's more incense aand strong for my liking
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Hated the smell
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Smells great in the jar, not on me.
I was really excited to try this one but sadly, it was too overpowering and smelled a little like Pledge cleaner.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
I received mail cologne last month I emailed you guys did not get a response was not pleased it all how do we remedy did station
Other than that I really like the fragrances it's like a little gift to myself every month
Rated2on the scale of0to5
So far not so good.
My experience with Scentbird thus far has not been what I expected. The choices are not what I was hoping for at all. There are so many offerings with rose in the description, I am not a fan of rose scents. Rose and vanilla and not to forget coffee. I don’t want to smell like any of these things. This particular fragrance is strong and peppery. It is a very sharp smell. I like a mellow, deep, complex musk with oak moss and patchouli. I like a smooth yet strong smell. Not a scent that attacks and accosts the senses.
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Too Woody and overpowering smell for like an elderly person
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Smelled of deep roses
I only smelled rose from this scent.
Rated2on the scale of0to5
Had high hopes but not a fan
Smells super musky. Not for me
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Smells soo good!
I love the notes in this perfume. It smells sweet but not too overpowering. The floral notes work perfectly together
Rated5on the scale of0to5
It grows on you
When I first tried this fragrance, I wasn’t sure what I thought about it. I knew I had to try it again. I then kept wanting to keep trying it. I guess that means I like it! It is an interesting mix.
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