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Happy-Hour Inspired Perfumes Perfect for Summer


Happy-Hour Inspired Perfumes Perfect for Summer

Skipping to the bar after work lets out? Don’t forget to pack your Scentbird. We’ve got fragrances – and cases (so many colorful cases) – to suit everything from chill happy hour catch-ups to boozy late-nighters and everything in between. Get a whiff of this:

Try Drunk on Youth by Derek Lam 10 Crosby if you prefer Frosé

It’s going to take us a good long while before we tire of Frosé. It’s cool, crispy and has a slightly sweet undertones, which, come to think of it, sounds like one of our fave fragrances right now…

Drunk on Youth, from Derek Lam 10 Crosby, is a delicious little concoction, blending crisp apple and honeysuckle (sounds like the perfect garnish for your next round). The tart green apple softens the sweet floral accords, and is a celebration of what it means to be young and free (no bills, no taxes – just more happy hours). Plus, this scent has scored 4 out of 5 amongst our community of fragrance lovers.

Try About Last Night by Confessions Of A Rebel if you prefer a bourbon Old Fashioned

Nothing ‘old’ about this fragrance by our new indie love, Confessions of a Rebel.  

An ode to the witching hour, the  citrusy blend of bergamot and grapefruit is spiced up with pink pepper. The opening of About Last Night has us hooked, but it’s the warm white cedar and vetiver combo that holds are our interest.  Mandarin oil subtly lures out the sensuous spiciness of the notes. Here’s to all the things we’ll never remember tomorrow. About Last Night seems to perfectly capture the fleeting sense of the present tense.

Try You or Someone Like you by Etat Libre d’Orange if you prefer a mojito

You or Someone Like You is an intoxicating blend, charged with mint – kind of like our favorite drink. Mint mixes with bergamot and grapefruit to createin a citrus burst, tempered by rose and white musk e in the dry down. Floral, yet animalic, Etat’s unusual scents are kind of like a sip of the perfect cocktail: keeps us coming back for more!

Try Power Ballad by Room 1015 If you prefer gin and tonic

Someone with a specific taste buds will have a preference for perfumes that are also unique. Finding these can be tricky. We hear you. Now hear us out:

Power Ballad is both youthful and distinguished juice, with bergamot, lime and mint giving a vibrant opening, heralding the hero notes of the composition: a robust, dry vetiver lightened up just by a notch by raw coriander. Powerhouse in a bottle.

Oh, and saving the best for last: Room 1015 is a fragrance house founded by a rocker. Sign us up.


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