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EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh reviews
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Apollo Hyacinth
I really love the fragrance. Very sophisticated.
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Imma say “Absolutely not”
This perfume does not have a woody base to it. It smells very citrusy and floral I don’t smell the sandalwood or anything with a strong wood on musk sent to back up the flowers. I like warm bold and mysterious smells and this perfume is loud with flower and citrus somewhere. It is not for me but if you love floral and citrus perfumes this is for you because this is absolutely no way a strong woody or spice smell.
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Smells Pretty
I love this, it’s not something I would usually order though. It’s a nice girly flowery scent.
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attractive to her
I love it when the women be into the smell when I past by working.
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Good, but not for me
The scent was pleasant, and I would not have a problem being around someone wearing it. It is not for me though. It smells a bit powdery, and just does not align with me very well. It’s not bad, just not for me.
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Like a IV shot of a bouquet of flowers
This is an extremely strong and overwhelming floral scent. It's a bit to fruity to be a very masculine scent, but it does have a nice lingering after scent when the initial shotgun blast of flowers die down.
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Beautiful and light
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Floral for sure
It smells good, but smells more feminine to me and my mother. Most people told me it would have to grow on them. I missed some of the Oakmoss scent that I was hoping for, but still a great smell. For me once the fragrance dies down some, it smelled better.
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Best Lavender Ever!
I wish this was still available because, quite honestly, this is the best lavender perfume I have ever experienced. It is smooth and creamy yet still entirely herby. Velvet Lavender is so smooth and wonderful!
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Loved It
I was shocked at how much I loved this scent. Very floral, mature and clean scent. I loved it and will definitely be buying this in a full size bottle.
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