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Confessions Of A Rebel reviews
Don’t know how I feel
Upon first application, it’s very much like D&G Light Blue, except with more of a base. But for some reason, as a little time goes on, it begins to smell a bit old and medicinal. Kinda disappointed, I really wanted to like it.
Not my favorite
I do like this one, but there’s something about it at first that I don’t like. It’s fine after wearing it for a bit, but when I first spray it is very strong and almost gives me a headache.
Absolutely perfect
This is such a lovely perfume! It’s very long lasting, yet not overpowering. It starts off very light and fruity and drys down to a woody and warm scent. I’ve gotten so many compliments from my friends and family. It’s by far my favorite and it’s definitely worth trying it.
Not for me
The scent just wasn't what I had imagined
Smells identical to its description but not long lasting
Smells exactly as I expected it too based on the description. I don't love it but i don't hate it. It didnt last a long as other perfumes and I found it to be a more mature scent.
i just didn’t prefer the scent but it was still alright
I found my scent
Love. Love love love I sprayed it once and this became my immediate favorite. It smells so clean and fresh. It’s one of those scents that I can’t stop smelling. This one might even going to be a full bottle purchase.
Love This Scent
Very powerful but subtle scent. Playful yet calming. Highly recommend
Nice citrus scent
this is a nice citrus scent that both me and my husband both wear. it's not too feminine or too masculine a perfect happy medium.
Bitch please
Loved this pleasure to work in this 😀🙌👏I loved 😍
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