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What’s the secret behind Scentbird’s new products?



What’s the secret behind Scentbird’s new products?

We’re all about feel-good beauty, so our bath, body and home fragrance collections are responsibly sourced, matching up the best scents duos and top quality ingredients we can find. Below, we’re giving you an inside look into what goes IN to – and what stays OUT of –  all of our ranges.

Rose Prosecco CandlesCANDLES

Launched in 2018, our soy-blended candles are custom formulated, hand-crafted in the USA and infused with natural essential oils to help you create whatever #vibe you’re going for. Topped off with a 100% natural cotton wick, each slow-burning candle lasts for approximately 40 hours. No parabens, sulfates or animal cruelty involved.

Candles are available in: Pineapple & White Amber, Rose & Prosecco, Cucumber & Lotus, Vanilla Bean & Heliotrope, Siberian Fir & Cedarwood, Earl Grey & Blackberry

Scentbird Cucumber LotusHAND CREAM

The first ever Scentbird launch, hand cream is our baby. Featuring a super lightweight formula that soothes chapped skin and locks in moisture without leaving hands feeling greasy – or any excess residue – this range boasts vitamin-infused oils, botanical extracts (including ginger root, pineapple rosehip oil and cucumber) and lush scent pairs that’ll keep your fingers smelling amazing all day long. No parabens. No sulfates. No cruelty – ever.

Hand cream is available in: Pineapple & White Amber, Rose & Prosecco, Cucumber & Lotus, White Tea & Fig,Yuzu & Ginger, Earl Grey & Blackberry. See our staff picks here

Coconut Sugar By ScentbirdBODY WASHES & SCRUBS

Here’s where it really gets interesting: each one of our 6 shower products features its own unique texture and properties, inspired by the fragrance profile

On the scrubs end, we’re using delicate exfoliating particles – sugar granules, ground coconut shell, exfoliating red rice powder – balanced with moisture-rich ingredients, including lush mango body butter, delicate extracts and buffing jojoba beads to treat and pamper dry skin.

Each of our body washes are loaded with vitamins and natural elements like amber extract, jojoba oil pearls that burst on the skin and rose water. As always, we don’t do parabens, sulfates or animal extracts.

Body washes:

Body scrubs: Coconut & Sugar Nourishing Sugar Scrub, Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish, Mango & Kiwi Melting Shower Scrub

Body Washes: Pineapple & White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash, Earl Grey & Blackberry Foaming Shower Cream, Yuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash

We are launching a truly outstanding range this April (that all of us have been offering to test and trial for work purposes – right), so keep your eyes peeled. Our newest line will feature single scents, individual formulations for each product, a super-sleek component to make your life easier…and you will not be able to order just one (promise), which is a good thing, because there’s a handful. Stay tuned, and follow us on Instagram @scentbird for more behind-the-scenes scoops.
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