Although the so-called experts are inclined into talking about our noses in terms of being the most primitive of all senses, the truth is that our olfactory perception is the only perception that is able to detect the love child of the marriage between science and art without having to rely on other senses. Your nose reacts to art blended with science. Fragrances, scents, smells, olfactory molecules, call them as you desire, however all of these are pure masterpieces of art founded in science.

Having a nose for aromatherapy

An article published in Psychology Today states that the science has finally revealed the powers of aromatherapy: “Aromatherapy has a unique ability to foster deep relaxing feel, which has been scientifically proven to alter subjective perceptions of pain. The wide spectrum of essential oils affect the brain directly both in the hippocampus, also dubbed as the seat of memory, as well as in the amygdala, which governs over emotions; thus inhaling oils can help us make pleasant associations that lead to ease of tension.” All of these fancy talks prove something that people have known for a whole eternity: your nose is your healer. Although the number of essential oils that have healing propensities is close to a few hundreds, there are 8 essential oils that can transform your wellbeing. The moment you open the bottles with essential oils is like opening a door to a secret passage that nobody ever knew about its existence. You feel like an explorer, exploring new territories that were unconquered, and they laid within in you all this time.

The anatomy of the essential oils

The varieties in the level of beauty of the essential oils are often ineffable and people are left lost for words when it comes to capturing their anatomy. However, I will try to take the road less smelled and will try to find words that will do them justice. You should understand that the essential oils are the basis of every perfume you have ever loved. And these essential oils have their own distinguishing textures, tensions, moods, harmonies, they show traits of different personal features. They are abstract in form; however, they are very factual in idea. Have you ever smelled something that transported you back in time and brought with it some pleasant or deeply unpleasant memories? The essential oils are your little teleportation devices that can take you to your happy places. All you need to do is the big effort of sniffing. You need to take a big, deep breath through your nose, and let it be your guide. After that, your life will be transformed.


Lavender is a multifaceted essential oil that has been praised on all the corners of the world. What people are essentially missing in their lives are big sniffs of lavender. Lavender relaxes both the mind and the body, so only one drop of essential lavender oil can foster deep relaxation sensations. In a few corporate houses in France, the SEOs of the companies are given pure lavender oils in order to aid their professional decisions. Just imagine how awkward would be to see them inhaling lavender in front of their Japanese partners. Also, if you feel like you are being under loads of stress lately, all you need to do is drop a few lavender drops on your pillow and you will go in lala land in no time. However, you need to change your pillow every time your partner asks for a little pillow talk, otherwise you may be perceived as inconsiderate if you fall asleep halfway through “the talk”.


To all of the students, hard working moms, and all of you out there, who feel drained from the last energy atom: peppermint essential oil should be your choice of drug. You can kiss the caffeine goodbye, as only one whiff of this essential oil will fill you up with energy and keep you awake. You know that this essential oil has made cameo appearances in every toothpaste on this planet and even shaving cream. Peppermint oil oozes with freshness. When I will be the ruler of the world, the first thing that I would make mandatory in every school is inhaling peppermint oil before the beginning of classes. It would be my version of singing the anthem or praying to various deities. This sounds strange to you, however there are thousands of independent studies that showcase how the peppermint oil improves the mental alertness and clarity. This means that the only thing that separates you from becoming the next Einstein or Tesla is one bottle of peppermint oil. If you are already a Mensa’s regular member, make that a half of bottle. Being loaded with energy will restore your confidence, as you will feel that you can tackle any task on the whole world.


Does your skin feels like a sandpaper? If you want to have a skin that glows with health, all you need to do is add a few drops of sandalwood in your body lotion, and you will have the perfect recipe that will satiate your skin’s need for water. In addition to this, sandalwood oil smells divine, so you will have the best smelling body lotion ever. You will love the smell and the feel of your skin so much, that you may start contemplating about moving to Florida, just so you can cover the skin as little as possible. Feeling good in your own skin, isn’t that what we all strive for?


In case you have some severe skin problems like eczema, then you need to pour a diluted bergamot solution onto the area, and your skin issues will be relieved in no time. Bergamot essential oil often plays pivotal role in the production of the most famous perfumes on the planet, and the Italians used to believe that people who got angry easily could be cured with just a few whiffs of the essential oils. This really works, so when people are sent to anger management courses, they need to accompany their breathing techniques with bergamot essential oils. The old saying about how you should count to ten when you are agitated now should be replaced with count to five and take a deep five breaths of bergamot essential oil in the process. You can boost up your confidence levels knowing that all of your skin issues will be resolved in a couple of weeks, plus you will feel like you are always in your Zen mood.


If you are green with envy about Gisele Bundchen’s hair, then I can help you with that. If you are green with envy about her figure or her husband, that is beyond me. If you want to have a supermodel hair, then take your bottle of shampoo and pour five drops of rosemary oil in it. Your hair will be shiny, silky, free of dandruff and your head will be free of headaches. If you suffer from migraines, ditch the tablets and pour one drop of the oil on your wrists. Then take a few deep breaths, relax a bit and you can feel the pain being replaced by a serene sensation.

Tea tree

If you feel like every virus and bacteria on this world make their mission to build their eternal settlement in your body, then you need to employ the tea tree oil as your body’s bouncer. This tea tree oil boosts the immune system in the most natural way, so you can skip buying those expensive urine beautifiers that come in the form of vitamin supplements. In addition, if you feel like your skin needs a bit pampering or you need a little help to get rid of the acnes, tea tree oil is your answer.


I know that people call chicken soup as the ubiquitous answer to all of this world’s maladies, however this is all due to the fact that chamomile oil never wanted to claim the throne. Chamomile oil is the best mood booster, so whenever you feel like you are wearing the weight of the world on your perfectly proportional shoulders, all you need to do is pour a few drops of chamomile oil in a boiling water and let the chamomile work its magic. It won’t be long before you are transported to a field filled with chamomiles and surrounded by the caressing feel of the sun on your skin. The chamomile oil is magical; all you need to do is unleash its powers.

Ylang –Ylang

If you love the feel after each spa visit, I have a good news for you. You can transform your own bathroom into your own spa resort just by adding a few drops of ylang-ylang in your bath. The oil will take control over your emotions and you will soon feel relaxed and at ease. Ylang-ylang is your meditation that comes from a very small bottle. If you do not own a bath, then you can pour one drop of ylang-ylang in your face sprayer. You will feel like you have moved to Tibet and learnt the secrets of this complicated life.

Not enough words

There are not enough words nor computer space memories on this world that can contain all the powers of the essential oils. If you feel like your life is stuck in the gutter, you do not have to inhale the stale air anymore. All you need is to find the one essential oil that will restore your energy and make you feel like you are the only girl on this world. The confidence can be bought, and usually comes in a small bottle. If you have a signature scent, try to narrow down its base notes. Then buy the essential oils and be the witness of your own transformation for the better, forever. You can be the best version of yourself, all you need is the right scent pulsating from the veins.