A Romantic Scent-sational Start to Spring3 min read

04/05/2018 3 min read

A Romantic Scent-sational Start to Spring3 min read

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Bored of the grey days of winter? We’re sprinkling uber romantic rose notes everywhere this spring season. Which suits you best? Scroll down to find out:

PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

The scent is inspired by the grace and quiet strength of a ballet dancer, epitomized by the delicate rose and peony duo. The rose note is fresh and traditional, like a bouquet of freshly cut roses, with touches of Lychee, musk and woods give it a more modern edge.   

Light on the skin, if you’re into dewy roses with the slightest dash of sweetness on top, this is a great option.

JUICY COUTURE Viva La Juicy Rose

Fresh yet inherently sensual, Viva La Juicy’s younger olfactive sibling highlights the brand’s signature playful trio: amber, orris and sweet benzoin. However, it’s the addition of the rose that makes this perfume more feminine and sophisticated than it’s youthful predecessor.

Equally floral and fruity, pear and mandarin balance the domination of rose. Viva La Juicy Rose is the ideal choice for fun and frolics in the spring sun.

MONTALE Roses Musk

For rose die-hards, Montale’s Roses Musk is the lovely romantic scent mixing only three notes: rose, musk and jasmine.

Sexy yet understated, rose is the shining star of the composition, but as soon as it settles, you get a waft of the warm, sweet musk dry down.

SCENTBIRD Rose & Prosecco Hand Cream

With spring finally upon us, our mood is in sync with the blossoms outside. Scentbird’s Rose & Prosecco Hand Cream is a petal-powered beauty and mood booster even in the midst of the concrete jungle: delicately balancing the celebratory scent of champagne with that of the roses to make your hands smell and feel amazing.


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