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A Match Made in Scented Heaven: Scentbird Hand Cream and Perfume Combos

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A Match Made in Scented Heaven: Scentbird Hand Cream and Perfume Combos

Do you ever catch yourself thinking how lovely it would be if you had a hand cream that not only made your hands feel silky and nourished, but also smells drop dead gorgeous?
Well, you’re in luck. The skincare heavens have answered your calls by dropping Scentbird’s first-ever skin care collection…

With six brand new ultra-hydrating hand creams, each composed of its own unique fragrance profile, it’s the perfect time to update your bag essentials with new Scentbird products. Now, you can match your favorite fragrances to a hand cream of your choosing to ensure your days smell oh-so lovely.

From dewy, gorgeous florals to plush, lush fruits and spices, here are some of our fave perfume and hand cream combos:

Scentbird Notes Roseprosecco 1 WebRose & Prosecco Hand Cream worn with: Le Parfum by Elie Saab Perfume
The celebratory scent of champagne and roses pairs nicely with the strong, sultry jasmine and spicy rose notes of Le Parfum by Elie Saab. A full-blown bouquet of florals spills out from the palms and meets the heady floral mix on the wrists.

Hand Cream CucumberCucumber & Lotus Hand Cream worn with: Colonia Pura by Acqua di Parma:
A calming blend of dewy, crisp cucumber and serene lotus blossom works as a great base for the luminant, citrus overload found in Colonia Pura by Acqua di Parma. The perfect combo for jumpstarting your day with a positive blend.

Scentbird Notes Whiteteafig 1 WebWhite Tea & Fig worn with: Indigo by Nest Fragrances:
Your hand care routine just got an upgrade with this cream and perfume match. Silky but never greasy, our lightweight creams are artfully scented with fragrance-lovers in mind.White tea softens the fruity notes in the cream composition, while the fig and black tea scent in Indigo is the ideal scented partner.

Scentbird Notes Earlgreyblackberry 1 WebEarl Grey & Blackberry worn with: Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun
Soothing earl grey tea mixed with the a sweet burst of blackberries is lush, but laid-back, so if you want to amp up the chicness, all you need is the flirty aroma of wild berries and litchy, courtesy of Miss Charming.

Scentbird Notes Pineapple White Amber 1 WebPineapple & White Amber worn with: Roses Musk by Montale
Rich tropical pineapple and the subtle sweetness of white amber are playful yet elegant, and Montale’s musk adds for a rounder, warmer scent that translates well in winter weather.

Scentbird Notes Yuzuginger 1 WebYuzu & Ginger worn with: Noel Au Balcon by Etat Libre d’Orange:
The bright citrus of exotic yuzu fruit combined with an energizing snap of ginger finds its mirror with an added dose of ginger in Noel Au Balcon. Etat’s statement fragrance is underlined with a spicy sweetness that complements our hand cream’s aromatic notes.

Our NEW hand cream collection is available a la carte for just $16.95. Or subscribe to Scentbird today and get it for just $14.95.

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