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The Best Gourmand Perfume For Fall – 6 Fragrances to Try


The Best Gourmand Perfume For Fall – 6 Fragrances to Try

November 4th is National Candy Day. To help you celebrate, we envisioned a day filled with candies and some of the most beautiful gourmand scents, simply made for indulgence…

Gourmand perfumes are truly tempting and enticing, equipped with time-travelling propensities of regressing the time, channeling the happy memories of childhood filled with candies and carefree days.

The application of gourmand perfume for those with a sweet tooth induces a nirvana-like state in which one is propelled to proclaim the ubiquitous mantra of perfume lovers: “I cannot stop smelling my wrists”, and the mantra of gourmand perfume lovers only: “It makes me wanna eat the perfume off my wrists”.

If you are a true perfume lover, then equip yourself with the only thing that can effectively banish the fall blues: one or all of these gourmand fall-appropriate fragrances.

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Warning: not recommended for people on sugar-free diet!

Le Parfum by Elie Saab

Gourmand Perfume Elie SaabAn uplifting energetic scent with deep sensual lure, like a mermaid call to all gourmand perfume lovers out there.

Seductive perfume which opens with orange blossom, euphoric announcement of the sexy, dark dry down with honey, patchouli, rose and a loud whisper of cedar.

Perfect for the women who are always on the go, always ready to make a fabulous first, second, one thousandth impression.

Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

Signorina Salvatore Ferragamo - Gourmand FragranceSpicy pink pepper notes writing a love poetry for delectable panacotta accords and fizzy red currant. Perfect scent for fall, when the weather is just right for wrapping around with something warm and comfortable, but not heavy (something like the perfect Salvatore Ferragamo scarf).

It is an intensely sophisticated fragrance with heavily playful character, projecting effortless feminine sexiness without a hint of nudity.

A classic masterpiece of chicness and allure.

Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina

Aquolina Pink Sugar Sensual PerfumeVanilla stick imprisoned in a jar of sugar, Pink Sugar Sensual is mouthwatering sweet fragrance, conjuring fantasies about living into Willie Wonka’s factory and nibbling on one of his cotton candy sheep.

A girly perfume, effervescent and bubbly as a tall flute of pink champagne, perfect for those who like lip gloss tasting of swirled creamy caramel, think only in pink and are advocates for open seduction.

Like a black laced lingerie, it is tempting and hard to resist. Wonderfully sweet with desire to dive into the fragrance and emerge on a pinkily sweet cotton candy.

 L’eau D’issey Absolue by Issey Miyake

Leau Dissey Absolue By Issey MiyakeA perfume that puts a spell on you, enchanting you into truly believing that indeed it is a wonderful world that we live in. Sweet, powdery, intoxicating, mesmerizing, honey-laden full of joy goodness in a bottle.

It is a sugary sweet concoction of honey and lotus, a perfume that plants you in a candy shop when the sugar monster attacks.

Candy by Prada

Candy By PradaDesigned with the undeniably elegant Prada signature in mind, Candy perfume is an ode to caramel with marching band consisted of musks and benzoin.

Contrary to its name, Candy does not radiate overly sweet projection of synthetic ingredients, but comes off as an elegant, flirty and playful fragrance of warm milk and caramel creamy bath, prefered by her majesty, queen Cleopatra.

Vanille Coco by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Vanille Coco By Comptoir Sud PacifiqueVanille getting close and personal with coconut and whipped cream: no it is not a recipe for diet-busting delight, but a recipe for happiness.

Although this is the perfect summery perfume, I prefer to wear it when the leaves start to fall, because this brings memories of carefree summer days when coconut is the star of the season.

Vanilla is an universally appealing spice, so brandishing its name in summer contest exclusively is a crime against perfume.

Add one of these gourmand fragrances to your order for all the feel-good deliciousness of sweet candies, minus the calories. Happy #NationalCandyDay.


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