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SCENTBIRD’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Scentbird Gift Guide

SCENTBIRD’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

On the hunt for the perfect gift for that special someone someone in your life? Perfection may be unattainable, but only if you don’t have the right GUIDE! Don’t fret, we’ve got your shortcut to the best-smelling presents this holiday season.

One Scent Is Never Enough
For: Those who LOVE fragrance, as well as your nearest and dearest who never stop at just one.

A Scentbird subscription is the gift that keeps on going all year round.!

Get a three, six or twelve- month subscription for him or her!

Fragrance is the ultimate gift, however, everyone’s scent preferences are unique, which makes knowing what to buy tricky. Scentbird, eliminates the stress with super-easy gift cards that cover three, six and twelve month plans.

Each month the recipient will get a 0.27oz spray filled with a fragrance of their choosing on Scentbird. That’s 120 sprays, enough fragrance to apply four times daily for 30 days. Plus, they’ll receive a sleek case with their first order, and FREE shipping every time. For the fragrance-lovers in your life, this is the ultimate win.

Gift Sets Galore
For: The ones who know what they like, but not where to find it.

Designed to match a scent profile , Scentbird gift sets capture the essence of the wearer The sets are structured around a theme, allowing one to explore pyramids of scents – Hollywood elegance, Parisian Chic, superhero brilliance or sly secret agent-inspired notes. What’s your flavor?

You can choose between eight gift sets FOR HER and five FOR HIM.

Each gift set is $59.95 ($85 Value), and includes one month of Scentbird FREE (for new subscribers only).

If you HURRY UP, you may be able to CATCH our SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER: Mix and match any 2 sets for $99 (save $20!), plus get free shipping!

With these specialized gift sets, Scentbird caters to a wide variety of male and female fragrance lovers. Each set comes with three 0.27 oz vials of perfume or cologne from high-end designer or niche perfumeries, sitting pretty in colorful cases that are only available in these gift sets.

Everything Scented Under The Sun
For: Those who can’t get enough fragrance!

With this gift card, the sky’s the limit!

Whether or not the the person you’re shopping for is already a Scentbird member, he or she can enjoy new scent experiences on our site.. From our mix-n-match cases to our bath + body collections (with new products rolling out monthly!), there are always new things to try for the fragrance-obsessed.

Skin So Nice
For: Your skincare-obsessed bestie, parent or sibling

Scentbird is unveiling new bath + body products monthly. We’ve already launched six hydrating hand creams, and will debut a range of shower essential this month, plus more skincare goodies in December. Once these are available to purchase on Scentbird, we will also have skincare- specific gift packs to see you from the shower and beyond.

One For You, One For Me
For: Yours Truly

New subscriptions (so you can choose up to three products), gift sets (explore different variations on your fave fragrance profiles) and gift cards (shop, well, everything on our site) – there’s plenty to choose from on site now. So while you’re playing Santa for the rest of your gift list, treat yourself to a little something, too (we won’t tell)!


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