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Scentbird’s Shower Collection Is Here

Shower Collection


Scentbird’s Shower Collection Is Here

Sign off, strip down and lather up with Scentbird’s all new Shower Collection. This fall, we started with hand creams – because who can doesn’t want silky-smooth palms – and graduated to body scrubs, polishes and shower creams, scented up just right and packed with moisture.

We’re based in New York City, so we’re very familiar with the kind of wear and tear city-living (or anywhere) can have on the body. But soft skin starts in the shower, so we got to work brainstorming our must-have bath essentials. Testing – and retesting – different scrubbing particles (sugar, shells, red rice powder), to create a family of products to makeover your morning ritual.

As always, none of our products are made with parabens or sulfates, and are never tested on animals. Ever.

Without further ado, meet your new shower routine:

Mango Kiwi By ScentbirdMango & Kiwi Melting Shower Scrub

Smells like: Juicy, sweet mango mixed with a bite of ripe kiwi, in other words: a tropical fruit cocktail.
Feels like: Goes on creamy smooth (thanks to mango butter), and provides a gentle exfoliation with Argan scrub particles and a dash of sugar to buff away dry skin.
To use: Daily. A light, lush formula means it’s great for 24/7 action.

Earl Grey Blackberry By ScentbirdEarl Grey & Blackberry Foaming Shower Cream

Smells like: Bundled-up, cozy tea brightened with a dash of berries. A simmering blend, lightened with notes of bergamot and lemon zest.
Feels like: A sudsy dream. This lightweight cream, made with blackberry extract, lathers up quickly and re-hydrates as it sinks into skin.
To use: Daily. This is a great prep for regular washing.

Rose Prosecco By ScentbirdRose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish

Smells like: A dewy rose tinged with crisp Prosecco – need we say more?
Feels like: This buttery-smooth polish is infused with rosewater, as well as a fine red rice powder that gently exfoliates dry skin. Good for normal or sensitive skin, the body polish is a moisture-rich staple especially in extreme climates.
To use: For an extra skin boost or daily use to banish for dry skin.

Coconut Sugar By ScentbirdCoconut & Sugar Nourishing Sugar Scrub

Smells like: Creamy coconut lends this scrub an I-just-returned-from-the-islands smell. Light, tropical and subtly sweet, this scent is layered with peach, melon and warm musk.
Feels like: Our rich cream is baked with crushed sugar and shell particles that smooth onto skin in and get to work. Grape seed and sunflower oils help to pamper skin.
To use: This is your fast-acting, I-have-a-date-and-my-skin-needs-to-be-amazing product.

Like hand creams, our Shower Collection is part of all Scentbird member’s existing subscriptions, which means you can try new products each month in place of a fragrance, or you can upgrade your account to select up to three products to try each month.

Shower products retail at $14.95 for members, or $18 without a subscription.

Stay tuned, we’ve got more bath + body products launching monthly.

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