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English Laundry For Him: Proper Elegance with a Twist

English Laundry For Him


English Laundry For Him: Proper Elegance with a Twist

The English way of life is most often seen as quiet, reserved, and proper. When you picture an Englishman, you think of a man with a sophisticated, droll, and urbane character.

And so it follows that English colognes also carry this sophisticated reserve in their DNA –instead of creating fragrances that come off as loud, brash, or bratty. The fine fragrance line from the iconic fashion house of English Laundry, offers a modern version of this refined, polished, and urbane approach to perfumery, with each scent going about its business in an appropriately understated manner.

Cambridge Knight is our Cologne of the Month for December, and it is an excellent introduction to the buttoned-up appeal of English Laundry:

Cambridge Knight:

Cambridge BottleThis fragrance features a bright grapefruit opening, for an invigorating masculine feel, but from there Cambridge Knight plunges into a bold blend of deep bay leaf, the “patchouli-meets-caramel” spice of guaiac wood, and bright, dry cedar. The bay leaf and guaiac wood are both sweet and sharp, with intense herbal tones that resonate through the entire scent.

If this cologne intrigues you, here is a snapshot of the other fragrances from the line you may want to explore:

Notting Hill:  

Notting HillThis is a traditional men’s cologne with a daring difference.  It starts off with a cascade of lemon and lime citrus for a bright and energetic beginning. There are no exotic tropical flourishes, just a ribbon of bitter bergamot behind the lemon for depth.

It’s in the heart where Notting Hill shows its brash side.  A light, ethereal jasmine note floats like fresh linen drying on a line over an unexpected, sharp, and masculine black peppercorn note. Jasmine and peppercorn are an unusual pairing, especially in the heart of a men’s cologne, and doubly so considering the proper, brisk English feel of this line.

English Laundry Signature:

English Laundry Signature@2X

Here is where English Laundry dispenses with any cleverness and hits you right between the eyes with a straight-ahead, ultra-proper, and balanced scent.  

Top notes of lemon, crisp lavender, and bright cedar are pitch-perfect men’s elegance, and lead into a smart, muscular heart of spicy, waxed coriander and warm nutmeg. Subtle touches of sweet amber, tangy musk, sandalwood, and smoky vetiver anchor the foundation of this greatest hits package of balanced, masculine notes.  

Oxford Bleu:

Oxford Bleu By English Laundry

Oxford Bleu is a minty, sweet cologne with tart lemon, mint and green apple top notes that dive into a cool, calming heart of plush iris, spicy-sweet tonka and subtle geranium. Vanilla and sandalwood base notes fluidly drape over bright vetiver and deep oak moss for a rich, masculine finish.


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