Treat Yourself With The Best Coco-Based Fragrances for National Chocolate Day!

National Chocolate Day

Treat Yourself With The Best Coco-Based Fragrances for National Chocolate Day!

Dear chocoholics, we’ve rounded up some of the most intriguing coco-themed perfumes just in time for National Chocolate Day. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious offering – all available on Scentbird.

Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Amour De Cacao By Comptoir Sud PacifiqueThe scent of Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique delivers that richly joyous, deeply sensual feeling of biting through the soft center of the finest French praline.

Released in 1993, Amour De CaCao boldly proclaims that chocolate is the new sex. It is a olfactive confection of orange peel, carambola (starfruit), raw cocoa and warmly sensual vanilla base.

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

Chocolate Greedy By MontaleThis perfume is exactly what it says on the label. Chocolate, coffee and vanilla in rich, sultry spoonfuls from beginning to end, with a little bitter orange as garnish. The key ingredient here? Self-indulgence.

English Laundry Signature for Her by English Laundry

English Laundry Signature For Her By English LaundryWhite chocolate is the main theme of this insanely sexy perfume, which kisses pulse points and opens on the skin..

Dark, woody notes combine with orris root and musk to balance out the sugary heart of the fragrance, though this is a less dominating sweetness, and instead a gourmand aroma that lingers on the skin.

Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima

Chocolat Mat By Masaki MatsushimaElegantly interlacing the warmth of sandalwood with the nuttiness of the cacao pod, this luxurious scent is a top pick for fall (winning four out of five hearts from Scentbird reviewers).

The tartness of the blackcurrant pairs with the strong, raw cocoa powder like an excellent wine and dark chocolate combo.

The addition of coconut to the traditional sandalwood and musk base adds depth and highlights the chocolate note.

Add one of these coco-inspired fragrances to your order for all the feel-good deliciousness of chocolate, minus the calories. Happy #NationalChocolateDay.


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