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Cologne of the Month: Terra by Vince Camuto

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Cologne of the Month: Terra by Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto’s Terra is our Cologne of the Month for November, and its bright citrus set against chilled aromatics and sweet, smoky vanilla is ideal for late fall.

November is a time for wearing fragrances that are as complex and multi-dimensional as the change of season. Aromatic and sweet spices take on another level of complexity, and their heavier weight is an asset as it gets colder.

This is why Vince Camuto’s Terra suits the season so well. It starts out with an energizing burst of orange citrus, then shifts into a chilled heart of tart rhubarb, frosted geranium, and a phenomenal sandalwood base note.

The bright citrus zing, and cool, tangy heart paired with a sumptuous Oriental dry down wonderfully captures the romantic late fall feel in the air, and ideal for the start of layering season in your wardrobe. Bright colors, and tactile textures like tweed and leather will allow its full range of olfactory expression to punctuate your look.

Vince Camuto’s Terra also has the power and longevity to stand up to fiercer weather. Terra gets more complex and heavier in feel as it dries down, and the chilled aromatics in the heart already foreshadow winter’s cooling effect, while the warm, arid, and sweet base of sandalwood, tonka, and vanilla will cut right through shearing winds.

Terra By Vince CamutoVince Camuto Terra:

Terra is a finely-blended aromatic men’s cologne featuring a stunning sandalwood note in the base. Citrus, rhubarb, and geranium fuse into a bright, tangy, and cool blend. Gourmand notes of vanilla and tonka heighten a sumptuous sandalwood note that is both creamy-sweet, arid, and mysterious.

After you’ve tried Terra, here are two other Vince Camuto scents that fit the bill for fall into winter fragrance options:

Vince Camuto Original For Men By Vince CamutoVince Camuto – Original:

A classic Greatest Hits package of polished sophistication. Top notes of bright bergamot and snappy black pepper, a heart of soft lavender and black leather, anchored by lightly-spiced patchouli and musk.

Homme By Vince CamutoVince Camuto – Homme:

Homme is a gin scent with an edge to it. Lemon, juniper, cypress, and lavender keep a stiff upper lip, and an unruly hot musk accord lands a stiff uppercut.


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