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English Laundry Oxford Bleu Pour Femme: November Perfume of the Month 2017

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English Laundry Oxford Bleu Pour Femme: November Perfume of the Month 2017

English Laundry’s Oxford Bleu Pour Femme is our November Perfume of the Month, and it’s supple richness is a delicious antidote to winter’s chilly arrival.

Oxford Bleu Pour Femme is a powerhouse gourmand floral with enough tropical heat to melt any frost Old Man Winter thinks he can get away with in late fall.

Oxford Bleu Pour Femme By English LaundryIt starts off with a juicy and a warm combination of pineapple and mouth-watering melon notes, and the smoky, dry snap of cassis. The fruit notes are temptingly round and full, and the contrast of the cool spice makes them even more vivid and sensuous.

The heart downshifts into a serene bouquet of plush florals. Jasmine, rose, orange blossom, and violets bloom expansively in the wake of the sweet, zesty opening, and hold nothing back in their rich display. Oxford Bleu Pour Femme’s violets aren’t about to shrink or shyly announce themselves.

The dry down heads straight for the sweet stuff, with a heady trio of toasted vanilla, caramelized sugar, and silken amber. The underlying smoke and spice in these notes echoes the dry crackle of cassis in the opening, allowingthe perfume to come full circle.

English Laundry’s Oxford Bleu Pour Femme’s tropical sweetness, subtle spices, and unfettered floral energy spins a cocoon of carefree summer to ease you into the change of season with exuberantly sensual style.

Here are two other scents you might layer along with Oxford Blue Pour Femme:
Signature for Her:

English Laundry’s Signature for Her is a triple-dose of pure gourmand glamour. Its sultry, eye-popping opening features the sweet indigo sparkle of quince with creamy, full layers of thick white chocolate and rich, vanillic jasmine petals.  A powdered base of velvety orris, bright musk, and spiced woods settles the pulse of this sensuously delectable perfume.

No. 7 for Women:

English Laundry’s No. 7 for Women’s features a mouth-watering cascade of juicy pears and blushing apricot tumbling into a whirlpool of lush, green jasmine, soulful gardenia, and warm toasted almonds. No. 7 for Women’s full-throttle sensuality dries down into an equally sultry base of herbal sandalwood and rich dollops of vanilla cream.


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