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New Arrival: Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

New Arrival At Scentbird Amour De Cacao By Comptoir Sud Pacifique

New Arrival: Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

The scent of Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique delivers that richly joyous, deeply sensual, life-affirming experience of biting through the soft center of the finest French praline.

Released in 1993, Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique boldly proclaims that chocolate is the new sex. It is a classical olfactive confection of shimmering orange peel, carambola (starfruit), raw cocoa and warmly sensual vanilla base.

This reads like a seductive recipe for a treat, and that is what you get when you wear Amour de CaCao. There is the zestiness and energy of orange and star fruit.

Vanilla pods mischievously yet adorably unlock the sensuality of cocoa.

Spraying Amour de CaCao is pure enjoyment; it hits your nostrils with that liberating virtue of pleasure. It gives you every bit of eating-chocolate-bliss but none of the calories.

Cocoa is the leading star of the notes, but only a fraction of its power is uncoiled, so this fragrance keeps some of the spiciness as a mystery that unfolds as the scented layers strip away one by one, second after second.

It is actually the warm vanilla note  that reigns supreme as a serene and wise goddess. Comptoir Sud Pacifique uses ripe and wholesome vanilla that its very presence is an argument for vanilla aficionados to try this perfume.

Although sweet, vanilla based spicy fragrant confections are to be enjoyed when the sun is less enthusiastic about its work, please note that this is an EDT edition. It will entice your nose and maybe ruin your plans for diet, but Amour de CaCao won’t sharp your throat like a boa constrictor.

While some gourmand fragrances have that synthetic vanilla note that is loud like a rock concert, Amour de CaCao’s mix of notes is very soft, like a gentle humming of birds.

Yummy fragrance, in a very mature, sexy way.

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Comptoir Sud Pacifique makes scents that are perfect for island-hopping. And Amour de Cacao is no exception – it’s a gorgeous vanilla scent laced with orange and starfruit in the heart, along with plenty of dry, delicate cacao to balance the richness of the vanilla. A perfume for women who feel an island sunset is more of an intimate invitation than the end of a day.

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