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Women’s Cologne and Men’s Perfume: Debunking the Myths and Breaking the Sterotypes in Perfumery

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Women’s Cologne and Men’s Perfume: Debunking the Myths and Breaking the Sterotypes in Perfumery

An increasing number of designer, niche and artisan perfumers are riding the tidal wave of unisex fragrance trends, but in reality every fragrance is genderless, neutral and unisex.

It’s true that if you wear a fragrance labeled Pour Homme won’t make you a less of a woman just as wearing Shalimar or N.5 or every other “perfume” will not hurt your masculinity.

Fragrance is all about feeling. About how you feel when the scented molecules hit your nostrils.

Do you believe in food, music, books or even art being divided in gender defining categories? I certainly do not.

The issue of gender in perfumery is a question of marketing, not essential for determining the quality of perfume itself. In fact, it is all about preference.

In today’s world where there are so many divides and restrictions, do not allow yourself to be restrained by invisible and ridiculous limits when it comes to fragrances.

In Ancient Rome, the wealthier Romans perfumed their every belonging, starting with their bodies and finishing with their undergarments. The more flowers used in the scent, the higher the status. And gentlemen in Victorian era preferred floral Eau de Parfum to Eau de Cologne.  And the world did not end!

Life is short, wear the fragrance you like!

Go on, let your fragrance translate luxuriousness and represent your creative persona.


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  1. Avatar Of Patricia Barnett

    Patricia Barnett

    I just signed up for your monthly offer. It said it would be shipped around January 27th but never asked what fragrance I wanted! Not off to a good srart!! Patricia Barnett

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Hi Patricia When you register for Scentbird, you can pre-select scents to receive each month for the following months. You can also log onto your account to edit your queue, add new scents, or rearrange your scents in the order that you'd like to receive them. If you do not have a scent chosen by our cut-off date, which is the 5th of each month, we automatically send out our featured fragrance of the month for your male or female subscription. If you have any more questions, please send them to and one of Scentbird's fairies will respond in due time. Have a nice scented day, Marina

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    Thank you for sharing, keep bringing more!!

  • Avatar Of Orkay


    Cool! Another viewpoint here but that's a great one. Well, I agree. People won't notice much if a man wears a fragrance marked for women. Only those who have a strict nose out for the brand/product might notice things. But even that doesn't matter much if the person wearing the scent isn't much concerned. That was a nice piece. Thanks for sharing

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