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The Heat is On: Fruity & Fabulous Fragrances

Fruity Perfumes

The Heat is On: Fruity & Fabulous Fragrances

Give your fragrance wardrobe a taste of summer with these 3 fabulous fruity perfumes. I promise these scents are juicier than hairdresser’s gossip:

Dark Purple by Montale

Montale’s trademark note, rose, rebels against its delicate femininity and gets a juicy update by mingling with plum and red berries. Refreshing, recharging and sophisticated, Dark Purple by Montale is a bracing fruity hit that defies all expectation of lame tame fragrance.

Patchouli and musk are there to stir the fragrance, bringing out the succulent quality of the plum out in the open.

Indulge in the juicy delicacy of this dreamy olfactive delight: it is sure to make you smile.

Dark Purple By Montale Scentbird

Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estée Lauder

A swoon-inducing fruity elixir disrupting a rose and vanilla-induced trance, Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estée Lauder seduces you with plenty of pretension. With a plethora of hedonistic elements here, Le Rouge shade of Modern Muse is for painting the town red.

Wild red currant, creamy vanilla, velvet rose and raspberries straight from a farmer’s market are combined together for that “I can’t take my nose away from my wrists for more than five seconds” feel.

A must have for Fruity Floral fans.

Modern Muse Le Rouge By Estée Lauder

Flora by Gucci Glorious Mandarin by Gucci

You don’t have to face a 12-hour flight to get a taste of Italian sophistication. Gucci’s answer to a sophisticated summer fragrance is Flora Glorious Mandarin by Gucci.

Creamy wood, sweet pina colada, rich mandarin and soft jasmine unfurl in layers of indulgence, releasing the anchor and sending you straight to heaven. It is soft and stays close to your skin, being there just for the sake of your beauty.

A really nice fruity mandarin orange scent with a strong floral aspect. Perfect for 9 to 5.

Unmistakingly feminine and rich. Screaming your name!

Flora By Gucci Glorious Mandarin By Gucci

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Fruity Fall Perfumes

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