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6 Fruity Perfumes You Need Right Now

Fruity Perfumes


6 Fruity Perfumes You Need Right Now

Thinking of freshening up your collection of perfumes with a fruity number? Pear, pineapple, orange, lime, and raspberry galore, here are some of the juiciest notes that can enliven fragrance compositions. 

The freshest fruity perfumes spiked with juicy notes we’re loving right now:

Pink Sugar Berry Blast

Fruity Perfumes Collection

Wild berries with a sultry caramel backdrop, Berry Blast is a delight to be savored, slowly. Light, sweet, and dripping with juice, this addictive scent has an upbeat feel. Cotton candy, cherry, and wild strawberry notes are on the forefront, while blueberry, blackberry, orange, and bergamot create savory dimension and a welcomed potency to this Pink Sugar number.

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Kensie Kensie

Fruity Perfumes Collection

An undeniable luscious mix of mandarin, vanilla, and a lush floral bouquet, Kensie offers a twist on a classic scent profile. Pairing sexy peach and mouth-watering mandarin orange with vanilla and tonka bean into a fragrance that’s uber sensual is what Kensie does best. There is a floral facet and warm amber also, just in case you thought it could not get any steamier. 

Did we mention it is a great date-night pick? We didn’t? Well, consider Kensie as your surefire date night pick!

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Room1015 Cherry Punk

Fruity Perfumes Collection

Cherry juice drips over spicy leather — so good it should be illicit. Notes of spicy-sweet saffron and Sichuan pepper are unexpectedly introduced to a white floral gathering to create an uplifting splash of scent. Rather than an intense and heavy cloak due to patchouli and white floral combo, the cherry note makes it a perfect playful option for both men and women.

This fragrance will give you energy and a sweet kick ahead of a special event, like a new Netflix marathon. Well, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a fragrance house forefronted by a rocker.  

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Vince Camuto Illuminare Intensa

Fruity Perfumes Collection

A plum galore scent with a tip of ambery warmth. 

Vince Camuto has taken fruity perfumes a few notches up with this addictive scent. Plum is the note that powers the entire composition, and with extra fractionated spicy notes like pink pepper, you can really notice the fun-loving sophistication-high mix of florals and woods. The ultimate pampering scent, it’s like a summer breeze in a bottle. We love it and we’re pretty sure you will too.

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Anna Sui Sky

Fruity Perfumes Collection

This mix of pear, musk, and popcorn notes smells warm, lively, and light. And most definitely unexpected. A lot like love. 

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Michel Germain Sexual Paris

Fruity Perfumes Collection

Clementines dipped in champagne and a lick of woods makes the term Sexual an understatement. After this playful opening, when you think you couldn’t fall more in lust with the fragrance, passionflower, jasmine, and patchouli cohort together for the most lustful experience. Vetiver, sandalwood, and amber at the base just seal the deal. 

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