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Your Summer Squeeze: The 6 Most Popular Citrus Colognes

Citrus Cologne Edit


Your Summer Squeeze: The 6 Most Popular Citrus Colognes

When life gives you lemons, you add them to your summer cologne rotation: And that’s how our citrus cologne edit is created!

Tommy Bahama Maritime Triumph

Citrus Cologne

This spicy, woody fragrance gets our senses going thanks to refreshing citrus notes and earthy richness. Mandarin orange sails smoothly towards the heart where nutmeg and cedar needles reign supreme, before handing over the steering wheel to the aromatic dry down of cashmere woods and patchouli. 

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Gendarme Gendarme

Citrus Cologne

It’s a vibrant, all-day scent that suits any occasion or taste, but best paired with a gin and tonic, sunglasses, and a hefty dose of vitamin sea. How did we even think of this bohemian scenario? Easy, thanks to notes of dewy lemon verbena, citruses, aromatic spices, and the nicest leather. 

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Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy

Citrus Cologne

A vivacious, aromatic score that smells like an enveloping combination of citrus, spice, and everything nice. That everything nice part is forest-fresh fir, rain-drenched rosemary, and dry cedar and vetiver combo. Real nice, don’t you think? 

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Bentley Silverlake

Citrus Cologne

A vibrant and luxurious number with a splash of soaring citrus to suit your on-the-go vibe. 

By adding a hit of the most sensual amberwood and white musk mix to the otherwise aromatic citrus profile, the cologne breaks away from the classic if not boring masculine scent mold and takes the form of something very exciting: Manly but never brash. Bold but never overpowering. And never, ever, basic. 

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Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Night

Citrus Cologne

Fierce Night blends woods, crushed herbs, and bergamot for an elegant scent that should be on your date-night essentials list. The concoction is well balanced, the projection is addictive, and the overall score is well beyond superb. 

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Michel Germain Sexual Noir Pour Homme

Citrus Cologne

This citrus cologne is served with a side of aromatic, woody sex appeal. Talking any more about it is redundant. 

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