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The Top Citrus Scents To Wear, Bright Now


The Top Citrus Scents To Wear, Bright Now

Our love for intense fragrances hasn’t budged, but when the sun’s shining, we’re thinking fresh, zippy, electrifying scents. Today we’ve got our eyes and noses on all citrusy notes – lemons, limes, oranges, tangerine concoctions to bring that summer feelin’ right at home. Hello vacay vibes, oh how we missed you.


Letrog By Arquiste

Hailing from sunny Sicily, where folks know a thing or two about la dolce vita, Arquiste’s L’Etrog is the fragrant equivalent of a carefree ride along the Italian Riviera. Powdery crisp citron called etrog and sweet dates are fused with woody accords and vetiver to create an intoxicatingly breezy scent, while the myrtle note gives it just the right amount of oomph to make it distinctive. 

Like a comfortable white cotton t-shirt, this is a fragrance you just throw on and roll with.

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Moscow Mule

Unisex, rebellious and totally addictive, Moscow Mule will play close to the heart of fans of unusual, inherently aromatic fragrances. Fresh and vibrant, it features notes of ginger, lime, and sandalwood to create an aromatic score that smells like an enveloping combination of citrus, spice and all things nice. 

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Cefiro Floris

Part of a range of expressive scents, Cefiro combines the perfect summer palette of notes in this divine little number. What hits you instantly after a spritz is the aroma of fresh bergamot and zesty mandarins and lemon mix. The composition features hints of musk but the savvy inclusion of jasmine really makes it something special.

It’s a vibrant, all day scent that suits any occasion or taste, but best paired with a gin and tonic, sunglasses and hefty dose of vitamin D.

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Regime Des Fleurs Vines

Citrusy notes open the exotic Vines concoction to announce their presence, so forget the subtlety! Figs fight back for an immediate punch of interest, and herb notes get in the mix to match the enthusiasm. Light enough for day, interesting enough for night – this is why Vines should be a staple in everyone’s summer scent roster.

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SCENTBIRD Green Tea Lip Balm

Green Tea By Scentbird

We call our Green Tea lip balm the ultimate multitasking product: this salve hydrates, nourishes, and protects delicate lip skin, imparting a light green tea and citrus zest scent with a subtle sheen, that’s not at all glossy, making it a great option for both men and women.

The crispness of grapefruit, lemon zest and green tea accord keep the floral tones of orchid and violet light and subtle—perfect for a summertime pick-me-up. 

It’s one of the most popular lip balms on our site, so know that you’re totally not alone if you’re always finding these tubes stashed away in purses, desk drawers and coat pockets.

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