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Top Citrus Scents For Summer3 min read

07/26/2018 3 min read

Top Citrus Scents For Summer3 min read

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Zesty and electrifying, citrus scents are summertime staples.  From bold bergamot to tart lemon and lime these are the notes that will help you beat the city’s midsummer heat:  

A burst of LEMON: Eau d’Hadrien by ANNICK GOUTAL

Hailing from sunny Tuscany, Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien is the fragrant equivalent of la dolce vita. A blend of crisp grapefruit and lemon peel is fused with mandarin orange and citron creating a refreshing scent softened by cypress accords.

LIME in all its glory: Power Ballad by Room 101

Unisex, rebellious and totally addictive, Power Ballad is a fave of fragrance fans who love unusual aromatic concoctions. Fresh and vibrant, the fragrance features notes of grapefruit, lime, bergamot and mint. The zestiness soon gives way to   a mix of cumin, anise, and cedar, creating the perfect blend of citrus and spice.

This is what turning it up to eleven smells like….

A splash of ORANGE: Scorza Di Sicilia by Berdoues

Scorza Di Sicilia is fresh-squeezed perfection, a citrusy summer stunner.   One spritz, and you’ll smell the aroma of juicy mandarin and bright, bold bergamot.  Additionally, the scent features hints of cedarwood and vetiver for a sophisticated twist that will keep you smelling great from sun up to sundown. 

A taste of LEMON: Green Tea Melting Lip Balm

The ultimate multitasking product, our Green Tea Melting Lip Balm hydrates and protects chapped lips AND smells great while it works. A light green tea scent is steeped with bright and citrus notes that keep lips smelling utterly delish soft all day long.

Green Tea is one of our best-selling balms (with 4.4 out of 5 stars!), and works well for men and women! Tuck one in your bag or desk drawer so you can re-apply whenever you choose.,

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