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Fun Fragrance Picks for the Weekend4 min read

07/27/2018 3 min read

Fun Fragrance Picks for the Weekend4 min read

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Summer inspires people to round up friends and lovers, get out of the city or explore new places, hit beach and make memories. You know what goes perfect with these weekend plans? Travel-sized fragrances you can take anywhere with you. And we’ve rounded up plenty just for you:

Glossier You by Glossier:

Glossier You, the beauty brand’s first-ever fragrance is an alluring mix of musk, floral and woody notes, but the most interesting note of the composition is you, or rather your skin chemistry with the scent.  The scent’s central aromatic lineup includes: ambrette, a woody and cozy note; ambroxan, a smooth, salty-sweet aroma and animalic nude musk.

The fragrance is creamy and intoxicating, thanks to its warm base, and offers a jolt of energy in the form of sparkling pink pepper and iris root.

Sunday Brunch by KIERIN NYC:

Described as a “vibrant, embracing fragrance inspired by a quintessential NYC ritual shared with friends,” KIERIN NYC’s Sunday Brunch proves as an intoxicating option for steamy summer afternoons. With two sparkling citrus notes (lemon and bergamot,) and a handful of dewy earl grey leaves, this eau is one of the most energetic and luminous fragrances out there.

It’s worth noting that each KIERIN NYC perfume is blended with a 20% perfume oil concentration – which means deep complexity and excellent longevity on the skin.

STELLA by Stella McCartney:

A lovely fragrance that proves amber scents aren’t just perfect for cool weather. The delicate rose, mandarin orange and sweet peony blend balances out the hot amber accord, making this scent unexpectedly effervescent and velvety at the same time.

While not every fragrance lives up to its concept, we’re thrilled to report that Stella is every bit the sultry floriental we were promised; wear this when you need to amp up the chicness.

Get A Room by Confessions of a Rebel:

A scent for the daring, this playful unisex number aims to capture the smell of temptation, best enjoyed skin-on-skin.

So, while the opening act is full of mandarin orange and apple accord layered over water hyacinth, the second act is an interplay of blond woods and herbaceous clary sage oil. Sumptuous praline and swoon-worthy vanilla develop in the dry-down, with delicious richness.

Yet, for all its boldness, Get A Room is never  overpowering but, rather a refined scent that settles nicely and becomes a private, sensuous secret. Get a room – and a partner.

Miss Charming by Juliette Has a Gun:

Miss Charming is one part fruity, two parts musky, and 100 percent addictive. Voluptuous and all-encompassing, the scent is built around Juliette Has a Gun’s renowned rose accord cut with wild forest fruits and lychee, tucked behind a musky base that seems to go on forever.

The scent is floral and sweet enough to entice, and thanks to the berry notes, remains luminously light with youthful vibe.

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