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Dreaming of the Mediterranean with Acqua di Parma



Dreaming of the Mediterranean with Acqua di Parma

Citrus-based scents are as much a part of summer as warm weather, beach sand, and tropical drinks. The best citrusy fragrances combine the big Vitamin C blast of refreshing orange top notes with delicate layers of musk, velvety florals, and a touch of spice.  Just because citrus scents are overtly happy and energetic, it doesn’t mean that they can’t also be mysterious, complex, and memorable when done well.

Arancia Di CapriThe classic Italian fragrance line, Acqua di Parma, began in 1916 – over 100 years ago and they are intimately knowledgeable about how to feature ripe, juicy citrus notes in perfume.Their house enjoys one of the most refined reputations for distinctive and enticing summer wear– sheer and scintillating scents, with an warmth and freshness that feels like cozy, sun-dried clothing on the skin.

The brand also is one of the most versatile lines available. Each of their scents can be worn with nearly anything from your wardrobe with ease, and are so well-blended that even the most casual looks are infused with a bespoke elegance. In other words, a must-have in your collection when you need a dependable, sophisticated every day or formal option.Bergamatto Di Calabria is excited to announce that we offer three vivid new fragrances from Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo series: Arancia di Capri, Bergamatto di Calabria, and Fico di Amalfi. All three scents feature bright citrus from the coast of Italy, and each are an excellent introduction to the smooth, sheer Acqua di Parma style.

If you are a fan of the sweet fragrances, try out Arancia di Capri with its fizzy citrus complemented by a delicious caramel accent.

Fico Di AmalfiIf you crave a hit of spice with your citrus, Bergamotto di Calabria pops with an electric heart of red ginger set against smoky-sweet benzoin.

Fico de Amalfi’s tangy grapefruit and lemony citron notes are balanced by sensuous fig nectar and lush jasmine, for a potent, sunlit and seductive perfume.

No matter which scent style you’re most comfortable with, you owe it to yourself to experience these releases. It’s already July, and don’t let summer slip away without trying Acqua di Parma’s effortless Italian take on warm weather fragrance.


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