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Paradise in a Bottle: Vanille Blackberry by Comptoir Sud Pacifique



Paradise in a Bottle: Vanille Blackberry by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

One of the best reasons to get into collecting fragrances is you can create almost any illusion you want with a perfectly-picked perfume. There are so many fantastic gourmand fragrances that can instantly transport you to a sun-saturated tropical paradise, that it’s almost shameful not to invest in a few of them.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique has been reliably releasing some of the most evocative, juicy, and delicious tropical gourmand scents since they began in Paris, back in 1974.  Since then, their range of rich, deep, and sweet scents has developed a fanatic following, and we here at Scentbird have come to love one in particular:  Vanille Blackberry.

Blackberry notes in perfume check off so many diverse olfactory boxes, that a top-flight curated collection should have a shelf devoted strictly to its juicy, exotic aroma.  Blackberries are like a fairy-tale wedding between ripe, lip-smacking, bright berries and dusky fruit such as figs and plums.  Blackberries also feature a slight tinge of currant-like spice, which makes them a complex alternative to other, sweeter fruit notes in perfume.

And when you pair that deep, dark, slightly spiced note with the lusciousness of a buttery, velvety, sweet vanilla note -you’ll wonder why you messed about with oranges and lemons in the first place.

Vanille Blackberry is nothing short of instant gourmand addiction. The notes are so evocative and smoothly textured, it’s actually difficult to keep yourself from wanting to spread this scent on an unfrosted cake or toast for a delicious dessert.

But maybe the best part about getting into Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s line is that they all instantly bring on a relaxed, fun-in-the-sun vibe that’s fine any time of day or any season. Whether you choose to wear it as part of your summertime perfume playlist or bust it out to combat winter glare and subzero temps, Vanille Blackberry will wrap you in a honeyed cocoon of juicy spice and dollops of delicious vanilla. So, don’t sleep on this fantastic gourmand range of fragrances – Vanille Blackberry is just one of several Scentbird has to offer, and they all promise paradise in a bottle for as long as you want to wander there.


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