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Absolutely The Best Burberry Perfume For Women In 2021

The Best Burberry Perfume For Women

Absolutely The Best Burberry Perfume For Women In 2021

Before We Introduce The Best Burberry Perfume For Women, A Little History Is In Order

For over 160 years, Burberry’s mastery over checkered coats and relaxed yet sophisticated British style has been lauded and adored across the world, with a loyal fan base that spans fashionistas and smart elegance seekers looking to invest in the brand’s perfect blend of craftsmanship, sophistication, and comfort. 

Burberry has always been at the forefront of excellence, first conquering the North Pole with  Roald Amundsen, and then conquering Hollywood, with the help of Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s flaunting the famous tartan-patterned coat.

In addition to their luxurious, stylish high-end collection pieces and accessories, Burberry announced domination in the olfactory sector in 1981, with the launching of the first designer Burberry fragrance, Burberry for Men.

Since then, this house has introduced close to 100 fragrances for both women and men, pushing the boundaries of luxury and offering this olfactory nectar to lovers of perfumes all around the globe.

Below we’re outlining the best Burberry perfume for women that our Scentbird tribe loves, wears, and shares:

The best Burberry perfume for women

In fact, we couldn’t decide on one perfume, so we’re going with three:

Burberry London

Best Burberry Perfume For Women

An exquisitely stylish creation by Burberry, defining the elegance of British charm and the capital: An explosion of style and victorious femininity.

A tribute to the unique beat and London style, this perfume is all about the mix: white jasmine petals are layered upon the pink peony petals, drizzled with citrus. Sandalwood has that elegant feel, and honeysuckle is as divine as ever.

Oh yes, the floral notes are soft, with a dewy edge on a warm base. It evokes the sensation of caressing a flower petal, velvety and soft.

Main Accords: White floral, citrus, and fruity. 

The composition is predominantly floral, with notes of jasmine, tiare flower, and soft peony surrounded by attractive notes of rose and honeysuckle sprinkled with fruity tangerine. Base notes of wood and musk just add an additional comfy vibe to the overall composition.

Perfume Notes:

Top notes are honeysuckle, tangerine, and rose; 

Middle notes are jasmine, tiare flower, peony, and clementine; 

Base notes are musk, sandalwood, and patchouli.

When To Wear: Wherever you want an injection of confidence and optimism, be it in the bedroom or the boardroom. 

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Burberry Burberry Brit For Women EDT

Best Burberry Perfume For Women

Deeply rebellious and equally romantic, Burberry Brit is all about sweet almond scent like you’ve never smelled before. Nutty, warm, and cozy juxtaposed against the tartness of lime juice and generously sprinkled with vanilla pods.  

Main Accords: Sweet, citrus, vanilla, and almond

Imagine the comfiest cashmere scarf wrapped around you on a lazy, albeit chill fall morning. It makes you feel luxurious, pampered, and content being in that moment. If you can have that moment, enjoy it. Repeatedly. If not, a spritz of Burberry Brit will drive those vibes right at home. 

Perfume Notes:

Top notes are green almond, lime, pear, and lemongrass; 

Middle notes are almond, sugar, and peony; 

Base notes are vanilla, mahogany, and amber.

When To Wear: On long walks under the warming fall sun and date nights that you want to turn in late, late nights. 

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Burberry Brit Sheer

Best Burberry Perfume For Women

It smells bright, uplifting, like a May flower that offers a bit of its nectar when you kiss it with your nose. 

The scent is all about the gorgeous union of peony and litchi, with peach blossom playing the third wheel. In the opening, yuzu is too sharp and awakening, tempting you to stay alert for what you’re about to witness. Peony and litchi are made for each other, a perfumery combo that screams “Think Pink”. Always. 

In the dry down, you will notice the subtle, enveloping aroma of musk and warm woods – a divine signoff of this effervescent fragrance. 

Main accords: Floral, fresh, fruity.

Perfume Notes:

Top notes are litchi, yuzu, pineapple leaf, and mandarin orange; 

Middle notes are pink peony, peach blossom, and pear; 

Base notes are white musk and white woods.

When To Wear: On a long-awaited Sunday brunch with the chat group, where the spirits are high and so are the voices of life. Or you can wear it in the office and feel the uplifting notes helping you grind through that all-important deadline. 

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Burberry for life

Boasting balanced, luxurious, and ever-elegant notes, Burberry perfumes exude the very best of British style for any occasion. From their carefully selected accords, the inspiration behind the scent, to the utter dedication of delivering nothing but the best, every Burberry perfume is crafted with the utmost quality and the promise that it will be the best Burberry perfume for women or the best cologne for men that you have ever tried. And they always make good on this promise. 

Browse through our entire catalog featuring the best Burberry perfume for women and men at the dedicated brand section here: Burberry

Whether the bottle is adorned with the signature tartan or reminiscent of the legendary Burberry coat, one thing is for sure: they are all amazing and worthy of being part of your staple.

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